We Built a Fast, Powerful Platform for your Evolving Business

At Host Analytics we built a fast, powerful, and robust FP&A and financial close platform that evolves with your business. State of the art technology is an integral part of making that happen. Explore the integrations and trust-building practices that drive our work in the sections below.


Data integration is a critical component of a modern FP&A platform, and is a key advantage of the Host Analytics platform. Our platform support integrations from a variety of data sources and types, and offers several different methods. With more than 80 integrations and counting, finance is enabled to provide analytics leveraging one source of truth. Something the entire organization can unite around.


We’re devoted to delivering a consistent, secure, and reliable experience to earn customers’ trust – and keep it. Trusted by more than 800 customers globally, we know that trust starts with an understanding that nothing matters more than the confidentiality, integrity and availability of our customer’s information.

White Papers
Data Integration with Host Analytics

Robust data integration is a key advantage of the Host Analytics Enterprise Performance Platform.

White Papers
Ensuring the Safety of Customer Data

The Host Analytics approach to security, privacy, and availability.

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The New CFO/CIO Relationship

Learn how cloud based systems are changing the relationship between Finance and IT.

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