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5 Reasons Why You Hate Budgeting
Budgeting, budgeting, budgeting...the concept of budgeting for business has been around for over a century.
Why You Need to Future-Proof Your Data and Analytics
Are you future-proofing your company’s data and analytics capabilities? If not, you may soon be at a competitive disadvantage. Because data and analytics are playing an ever-more critical role in business and finance -- a trend that is poised to accelerate rapidly over the next few years.
Getting Finance into Peak Shape for 2018
As organizations wind down 2017 reflection and begin to ramp for 2018, now is as good of a time as ever for data-driven teams to focus on achieving peak performance in the coming year. Finance specifically can take a step back and examine their tasks and processes to understand where efficiencies can be optimized and…
Part 2 – Self-Disrupt or Self-Destruct: Keys to Being a Market Disruptor
It pays to study how companies successfully disrupt markets because it’s better to set your own course and be the master of your own business destiny, lest you find yourself in the disruptor’s wake. Recent disruptions have transformed, even destroyed, markets once dominated by established leaders that failed to recognize the coming disruption, and examples…
Customer Stories
Planar Gets a Clear View of Performance with Host Analytics
Shane Riddle, Director of Financial Planning and Analysis at Planar, likes to describe his employer as hidden in plain sight. “You may have never heard of us but I guarantee you’ve seen our stuff,” Riddle said.
Swissport Gains Transformational Insights to Optimize Finance and Operations
Swissport is the world's largest provider of ground and cargo handling services in the aviation industry, moving more than 4 million tons of cargo a year in 48 countries. But as Kim Lanham, the director of FP&A for Swissport North America, found out, the U.S.-based operation had room for improvement in how it moved and…
Acciona Energy Powers Insights Into Its Wind And Solar Power Business
Generating renewable energy from wind and solar plants is a volatile and complex business. Price fluctuations, changing demand, and competition from non-renewable energy providers are just a few of the factors that confront companies such as U.S.-based Acciona Energy, a subsidiary of the global Acciona headquartered in Spain.
Golden State Foods Manages Global Growth & Financial Consolidation
When Brad Tingey joined Golden State Foods (GSF) in 2013, the company had just completed three acquisitions, including two international deals. Consolidating results would be his first and biggest challenge as the new corporate controller at GSF, a multinational food service provider serving 125,000 restaurants in 60 countries.
5 Reasons Why You Hate Budgeting
Budgeting, budgeting, budgeting...the concept of budgeting for business has been around for over a century.
Will You Be Trick-or-Treating or Copying-and-Pasting This Halloween?
It’s mid October.  At most companies, planning season is in full swing. 
How to Transform Budgeting for 2018 With Continuous Planning – Webinar Recap
As the final days of summer tick away, many organizations are beginning to think about their planning and budgeting for the 2018 fiscal year. What's your approach?
Continuous Planning – Transform Your Approach to Budgeting for 2018
It’s that time of year.  Come September, many organizations will begin the budgeting and planning process for 2018.  What’s your approach going to be?
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