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How Customers Help Host Analytics Drive Product Innovation
With the launch of the Fall18 release, I sat down with Sanjay Vyas, Chief Product officer at Host Analytics, to hear first hand about the work his team has been doing and how they are focused on building great products that our customers truly want and can benefit from.
Customer Q&A: Saving Finance’s Most Valuable Asset
Without a doubt, spreadsheets are the most widely used business tool, and that doesn’t stop short at finance. We get it – finance professionals like the familiarity of the spreadsheet. The rows, the columns, the formulas – we’re excited just thinking about all the possibilities, too. But what happens when spreadsheets stop working for you,…
Dear Mr. EPM, Why is Budgeting So Complex?
In the essence of a “Dear Abbey” advice column, we at Host Analytics are trying to tackle your biggest financial process questions. This series of blog posts called, Dear Mr. EPM will look to answer questions on some of your challenges. Have a question for us – email us at info@hostanalytics.com.
Empowering the True You
Taking the opportunity to look back on your own career path – the people you encountered, the lessons you learned and the risks you took – can be a somewhat sobering experience.
CFO Nightmares
Nightmares are expected on Halloween, but they shouldn’t be part of your financial processes. If you’ve ever experienced these common financial nightmares, Host Analytics can help!
National Spreadsheet Day
October 17, 2018 is National Spreadsheet Day, a remembrance of the first shipment of the VisiCalc spreadsheet program for the Apple II computer back in 1979.
What is EBIDTA?
If you’ve seen our I heart EBITDA stickers, you know that Finance is obsessed with this funky acronym and provides a great deal of insight into the business.  As the corporate controller for Host Analytics, I recently got asked what EBITDA is and why do I like it so much. Well, now I’m taking the…
Deloitte Predicts: Technology’s Impact on Finance is Coming
There’s a wave of change headed for the world of business finance. And like any industry that’s heading into a storm of disruption, some of those changes may bring some internal tensions, uneasiness and discomfort to the operations.
Customer Stories
Dorel Sports Shifts into High Gear with Host Analytics
Finance teams find themselves buried in Excel tabs with myriad formulas and various versions. For many organizations, planning, budgeting and forecasting involve countless numbers of spreadsheets. It may work for a small company, but for a large international organization like Dorel Sports, spreadsheets won’t suffice.
Swissport Gains Transformational Insights to Optimize Finance and Operations
Swissport is the world's largest provider of ground and cargo handling services in the aviation industry, moving more than 4 million tons of cargo a year in 48 countries. But as Kim Lanham, the director of FP&A for Swissport North America, found out, the U.S.-based operation had room for improvement in how it moved and…
Foundation Building Materials Harnesses Host Analytics as its Framework to Strengthen Reporting
An aggressive acquisition strategy by Foundation Building Materials (FBM) came with a cost: the company found itself saddled with siloed applications running in a fragmented IT environment that provided little visibility.
Acciona Energy Powers Insights Into Its Wind And Solar Power Business
Generating renewable energy from wind and solar plants is a volatile and complex business. Price fluctuations, changing demand, and competition from non-renewable energy providers are just a few of the factors that confront companies such as U.S.-based Acciona Energy, a subsidiary of the global Acciona headquartered in Spain.
Rolling Forecast
4 Steps to Successfully Implementing Rolling Forecasts | Host Analytics
Does this scenario sound familiar?  It’s the final month of Q2, and the Finance department will soon be looking at mid-year financial results and comparing them to the original budget.
What is a Rolling Forecast?
Rolling forecasts are becoming a popular add-on or an alternative to the traditional approach of annual budgeting in organizations.
Rolling Forecasts – Transform Planning and Increase Business Agility
While the annual budgeting process is an important step in setting goals and defining resource allocations for the coming year, the pace of change in today's business world typically makes the annual budget obsolete after a few months.
Building a Better Budget with the Help of Rolling Forecasts
Budgeting is a concept constantly riddling the minds of CFOs. How can a company build a better and more efficient budgeting approach that will maintain accuracy, while improving agility?
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