Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) Software

Speed Up Financial Processes with Host Analytics EPM Software

Enterprise performance management (EPM) software from Host Analytics runs on cloud and focuses on planning, budgeting, strategy and forecasting.

Three vital metrics that guide the proper selection of enterprise performance management software are:

  • Total Cost of Ownership – Includes software, hardware, training, consulting and other cost criteria
  • Quantifiable Benefits – Describes every tangible benefits and attaches a real value to it
  • Time to Benefit – Includes the Time to Implement (TTI) and Time to Benefit (TTB) required to attain a benefit

Choose Host Analytics cloud based enterprise performance management software to gain insights beneficial for front-line managers and executives. Using this software, you can:

  • Drive accountability all over your enterprise
  • Accelerate financial processes such as reporting, close, planning and analytics
  • Enhance the impact of your Accounting and Finance team

Host Analytics enterprise performance management software functions similar to an Excel interface. It allows users to integrate data from any internal source and set up a “single point of truth” for enterprise performance management.

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