The Age of Cloud has Changed the CFO & CIO Relationship
There is a fundamental shift taking place between the CFO and CIO in terms of how internal applications are managed – who owns them, who implements, who maintains – and what are the differences in how this relationship has evolved over time.
4 Key Things to Look for When Evaluating Cloud-Based EPM Solutions
Making the commitment to reduce reliance on Excel, or legacy applications, and moving to packaged enterprise performance management (EPM) solutions for processes such as budgeting, planning, financial consolidation, and reporting is a step in the right direction.
Top 3 Reasons EPM Is Moving to the Cloud
The concept of enterprise performance management (EPM) has been around for over 15 years.  But in recent years, adoption of EPM software has been accelerating as the availability of cloud-based EPM solutions has made EPM more accessible to small and medium enterprises, as well as large ones.
Transform Finance with Cloud-Based EPM Solutions
As the pace of change in business accelerates and Finance departments are asked to do more with less, many are left wondering, “How do we become more efficient and agile?
Why Cloud-Based EPM? Easy Integration, Implementation, and Use
What would you say if someone told you there was software that made it simple to unite a number of financial processes in one place, that was easy to integrate with your current systems, practically painless to implement, and had a fast learning curve? Several years ago, you would have thought this person was dreaming.
When Will Finance Fully Embrace The Cloud?
For years now, there’s been much speculation on when finance would move fully to the cloud. The conversation is heating up again as investments in SaaS are growing by more than 20 percent per year, according to Forrester Research. 
Not All Clouds Are Created Equally – Understand the Differences
Demand for cloud-based applications is rapidly increasing in the office of Finance.  If you're considering cloud products or services, you'll hear a lot of related terms tossed around that can easily be confusing.
What Factors are Driving the Adoption of SaaS and Cloud EPM Software?
While global IT spending has been flat in 2016, one notable exception has been SaaS business software, which is expected to grow at close to 20% per year through 2020.
What to Expect from SaaS and Cloud-Based EPM Software
Finance software, and business software in general, has evolved significantly over time.
Everything You Need to Know About SaaS and Cloud EPM Software
'Digital Disruption' is everywhere. Technology is changing the way business is done, rendering old legacy software obsolete.