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Why Budgeting, Planning & Reporting are Moving to the Cloud

Many Finance departments struggle in managing key processes such as annual budgeting, monthly and quarterly reporting, and forecasting using spreadsheets and email, or legacy applications. Many hours are spent on manual tasks such as collecting data, correcting errors, reconciling balances, formatting and distributing reports. This all leads to long budgeting cycles, delayed management and financial reporting, lack of business agility, and missed opportunities.

Watch this recording to learn about the capabilities and advantages of cloud-based budgeting, planning and reporting solutions and why the industry is now embracing the cloud as the preferred method of deploying new applications.

Learn about:

  • The pitfalls and challenges of using Excel and email for budgeting, planning and reporting
  • The capabilities of modern, cloud-based planning and reporting solutions
  • The advantages of cloud-based platforms over on-premises systems
  • Why Gartner and other analysts see the cloud as the future