Make Presentations Painless with Spotlight for Office

With Host Analytics Spotlight for Office, customers can seamlessly build management and financial reports directly within Microsoft Excel, Word and PowerPoint. With the push of a button, data can be dynamically refreshed within the applications; ensuring it is always accurate and up to date.

Key Advantages

Ensure data is accurate

  • Data is always accurate and up to date as it updates in real-time.
  • Eliminates the confusing copy-and-paste dance every time new information arrives or old data is updated.

Build presentations once

  • Build presentations once with live links to the real data.
  • Once a report is created in Excel, PowerPoint, or Word it can be accessed anywhere while delivering sensitive data securely and accurately.

One-click updates

  • With the click of a mouse, data can be instantly refreshed directly within Microsoft Office applications.
  • No jumping between systems. No manual data entry. No complex configurations or integrations.

Key Features

Dynamically access data in Microsoft Office

Perform ad-hoc, multidimensional analysis with Spotlight right in Excel, Word, and PowerPoint. Zoom in, zoom out, keep, remove, and pivot on all your business categories and segments to explore data at the most granular level of the business, or to see aggregated financial results for the whole business. Users can dynamically access data in Microsoft Office to perform multi-dimensional query and analysis.

Improve data accuracy and timeliness

Spotlight for Office dynamically refreshes data with the push of a button. Harness the full power of Excel for information presentation while ensuring a single source of truth from a centralized, secure data store. Ensure data is always accurate and up to date by trusting the single source of truth provided by the Host Analytics platform, delivering data security, data integrity, and full audit trail.

Reduce time and effort

Host Analytics Spotlight for Office allows users to build presentations once, and refresh the data in those presentations as often as needed, automatically. Spotlight helps users save hundreds of hours on data preparation while eliminating errors. Knowing that the data is up to date and using familiar Office tools, users can present with confidence.

Host was definitely light-years ahead in terms of user interface, user platform and financial reporting. Once I saw Host, I said, ‘Okay, not a problem, we’ll go cloud-based.
Dwight Lloyd PS Logistics Financial Controller

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