Planning Software Designed for Budget Owners

Host Analytics MyPlan is the first financial planning software designed specifically for budget owners, allowing finance to fully engage and collaborate with them in the planning, budgeting, and forecasting process. MyPlan empowers the budget owner to efficiently allocate and reallocate resources, build budgets fast, and get back to running the business.

Key Features

User-friendly, task-oriented design

Rather than forcing budget owners to learn complex finance jargon, everything a budget owner needs is presented in a single location, in the terminology they understand. All tasks can be completed with just a few clicks, because the actions are in the context of the things budget owners think about when running their business.

Visual charts that show you where you stand

MyPlan gives budget owners a quick snapshot of the current state of their business by displaying period-to-date performance against budget. Users can choose between month-to-date, quarter-to-date, or year-to-date views, or any other cut of the data. Chart data is sourced from the Host Analytics Platform, providing accurate and timely insights into the business.

Freedom to create budgets and update your forecasts

MyPlan provides a comprehensive yet succinct view of your forecast & budget in a single interface. Visually compare forecasts to the budget and your budget to target to see where and what the variances are. Create budgets and update your forecasts in just a few clicks.

As a budget owner, I struggle with timeliness of information to make decisions. I can’t wait months or even weeks. Relying on the finance team often limits my ability to make an impact to the business in a timely fashion. With MyPlan I can quickly reallocate dollars and resources to drive maximum pipeline.
Tracy Eiler InsideView Chief Marketing Officer

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