Planning Software to Align the Entire Business

In today’s dynamic business environment, you need a planning application that is functionally complete. It must meet your immediate needs but also be able to evolve as your needs change. Host Planning is a complete application for budgeting, planning, and forecasting with robust reporting and analysis capabilities.

Key Advantages

Save Time, Reduce Errors

  • Legacy planning applications and spreadsheet-based solutions lack built-in financial intelligence.
  • These applications have no understanding of the differing behavior of balance and flow accounts, credits and debits, or favorable and unfavorable variances.
  • Host Analytics Planning includes automatic financial intelligence, avoiding costly customizations, saving time, and reducing the risk of errors.

Make Better Decisions

  • One of the challenges with spreadsheet-based planning approaches is data integration.
  • Planning applications integrate general ledger data from ERP and accounting systems, and often ingest additional sources such as HR, CRM, and data warehouses.
  • Host Analytics integrates easily with data from any source including Netsuite, Oracle, SAP, Workday, Salesforce, Marketo, Box, and Google.

Deploy Quickly

  • Host Planning is a cloud-based planning application with prebuilt functionality like human resources (HR) and capital expenditure templates, automatic financial intelligence, and prebuilt calculation.
  • Costly customizations are eliminated making deployments fast, affordable, and easy to update.
  • There is no software to install or hardware to purchase or manage.

Leverage Expertise

  • Historically, financial applications have forced developers to use complicated programming and scripting languages that are hard to learn and use.
  • In Host Analytics, formulas are entered using the Excel formula language and user experience.
  • Finance and business users operate their applications without involving specialists from IT, vendors, or consulting companies.

Make Finance Self-Sufficient

  • Finance teams need to quickly and easily adapt financial systems to embrace changing business conditions.
  • The finance team must be able to make functional, administrative, and setup changes without IT support.
  • With Host Analytics, all aspects of configuration, setup, and administration are performed by the finance team without IT support.

Key Features

Planning templates

No matter what kind of planning, budget, or forecasting method, Host has pre-built templates or you can build a template to suit your exact requirements. Whether it’s for large projects, model mergers and acquisitions, or to evaluate functional decisions, you can ensure that every project has a high impact on your P&L, balance sheet, and cash flows.

Workforce planning

Standardize compensation calculations from across the organization and streamline your workforce planning process by bringing together HR data from disparate systems like Workday, ADP, PeopleSoft, and many more. By unifying data from HR systems, spreadsheets, and outside financial plans into a single system, you can increase accuracy, predictability, and accountability around your workforce growth plans.

Advanced capital planning

Get better insights on the impact of new or existing capital assets on budgets and forecasts. Plan and analyze the cost of depreciation, transfers, and maintenance of these assets on your financial statements before you commit any more cash to their purchase or upkeep.

MyPlan for budget owners

MyPlan is an easy-to-use interface designed specifically for budget owners to quickly plan, budget and forecast. Budget owners can easily understand how they are tracking to actuals and update their financial plans more efficiently, allowing finance to collaborate more closely with budget owners.

Additional Features

Quickly send messages to team members with built-in chat capabilities without switching applications. Post assumptions directly in planning templates to keep everyone on the same page.

Planning Workflows
Workflow can be used to manage the plan’s submission, reviews, and approvals to ensure everything is vetted properly and submitted on time. Quickly run a workflow status report to see submission status of every department in your organization to decipher where you are in your planning process.

Stuck in Excel? AirliftXL allows you to move your model structures, formulas, and formatting from your Excel templates into Host Planning with ease. AirliftXL also easily migrates models from other legacy EPM applications too, such as Oracle Hyperion and Essbase.

Offline Planning
Finance and budget owners can now update and revise their budgets and forecasts anytime, from anywhere. Synchronizing online and offline data is a quick and simple process, so budgets are accurate (and on time) no matter where you are.

We would not be able to put timely, concise, accurate, actionable information in front of our decision makers without an EPM application like Host.
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