Prepare for Anything with Host Modeling

Modeling applications require powerful capabilities to ensure that the models are as relevant and accurate as possible, so that downstream decisions deliver the outcomes your business expects. Host Modeling includes advanced modeling functions and flexible modeling scenarios expressed using the Excel formula language and user experience.

Key Advantages

Advanced modeling functions

  • Dynamic dimensions let you add dimensions, members and calculations at will.
  • Driver-based calculations enable users to quickly modify assumptions and recalculate results across large data sets at high speeds.
  • Breakback enables users to make top-down adjustments to forecasts and models, automatically allocating changes across multiple dimensions and models.

Leverage existing expertise

  • Historically, financial applications have forced developers to use complicated programming and scripting languages that are hard to learn and use.
  • In Host Analytics Modeling, formulas are entered using the Excel formula language and user experience.
  • Finance and business users operate their applications without involving specialists from IT, vendors, or consulting companies.

Ad-hoc analysis

  • Even the most robust set of prebuilt reports can never anticipate every need of every business user.
  • Host Modeling provides ad-hoc multidimensional query and analysis.
  • Any questions that are not immediately answered in standard reports can be addressed by the business users themselves.

Formatted operational reports

  • Generates highly formatted reports based on operational models.
  • Supports downstream financial consequences of these models expressed in budgets, plans, and forecasts.
  • Reports can be sliced according to business function and scheduled for automatic secure distribution.

Dynamic integration

  • Includes dynamic integration with Microsoft Office.
  • Reports and data can be embedded and automatically refreshed or updated from within Microsoft Word, Microsoft PowerPoint or Microsoft Excel.
  • Supports sharing and communication of the results of modeling exercises quickly and easily.

Key Features


Breakback enables users to save time by making top-down adjustments to forecasts and models, automatically allocating changes across multiple dimensions and associated models so they can see how different levers impact end results within your business and across the organization. Breakback turns tasks that take hours of work to just minutes.

Interactive query and analysis with Spotlight

Perform ad-hoc, multidimensional analysis with Spotlight. Zoom in, zoom out, keep, remove, and pivot on all your business categories and segments to explore data at the most granular level of the business, or to see aggregated financial results for the whole business. Empower your users to investigate data and uncover new insights on the fly.

Spotlight Reporting

Harness the full power of Excel for information presentation while ensuring “one version of the truth” from a centralized, secure data store. Once a report is created in Excel it can be accessed anywhere—Excel, web or mobile interface. Spotlight delivers data security, data integrity, and full audit trail by relying on the Host Analytics platform as its foundation and the single source of truth.

Model Manager

Model Manager allows you to view and understand your models at a glance. Offering breakthrough ease of use that eliminates the need for IT involvement and custom scripting language. This dramatically reduces time and effort and enables line of business leaders to leverage modeling for a wide range of use cases.

Solution Exchange

Discover, share, and deploy different solutions to specific business problems in your models and plans with Solution Exchange. The solutions in the Exchange embody best practices to give you a head start on solving common problems, or provide insight into how others have approached similar business challenges.

Advanced financial modeling

Add dimensions, members, and calculations as you need them. Users can incorporate financial or non-financial drivers into models and update the corporate plan when they are ready.

With Host Analytics, we can plan for the future rather than just report on the past. Everything is easier. Even budgeting—a project that used to take five months—now gets done in just two months.
Adrian Breitfeld Jewish Community Center of San Francisco Chief Financial Officer

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