Move on confidently from Hyperion Enterprise with the power and flexibility you require.

Finance and accounting teams have relied on Oracle Hyperion Enterprise for over 20 years. Despite its past popularity, Hyperion Enterprise is challenged to keep pace with today’s dynamic business environment. As Hyperion Enterprise moves further from its support window, the costs and business risks of running it increase. Hyperion Enterprise customers who have migrated to Host Analytics left these challenges behind:

  • Insufficient detail in reporting and analysis
  • Slow and inflexible consolidation processes
  • Compliance maintenance in an ever-changing regulatory environment

Host Analytics solves these problems and delivers much more with modern, cloud-based technology. The Hyperion Migration Program will reduce the time to implement and save money. Now is the time to move from Enterprise and begin experiencing the benefits of Host Analytics Consolidation. Sign up for an Oracle Hyperion Migration Assessment today.


  • Deliver functionality beyond Hyperion Enterprise with the benefits of the Cloud
  • Simplify reporting and analysis with a true multidimensional cube
  • Accelerate and better control the close process with built-in workflows and dashboards
  • Reduce compliance risk with regular, automated product updates


  • Create or update financial and ad-hoc reports on your own
  • Address business changes, such as mergers or acquisitions, without relying on IT or external consultants
  • Reduce choke points by expanding the number of people who can use and administer the application


  • Reduce or eliminate reliance on IT and admins
  • Create or update reports and drill into details on your own
  • Address new company requirements in the system, not Excel


  • Eliminate expensive consultants and reduce the burden on IT
  • Implement in 25% of the time and at a fraction of the cost of Oracle Hyperion Financial Management (HFM)
  • Get automatic product updates as they occur without testing and disruption

Since Hyperion Enterprise is no longer supported by Oracle, the business risks of running it are very high. Do you want to put your financial results at risk?

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