What is the Financial Reporting Process?
Streamline Your Business's Financial Reporting Process

Establishing an effective financial reporting process is a very important practice for every organization. The process allows organizations to benchmark their budgets against that of their previous year and also to project for the next one.

Host Analytics works with your organization's financial data and helps to centralize the entire process of reporting in the cloud.

The benefits of using the Host Analytics streamlined process is:

  • Easy access and delivery of financial reports from a centralized source
  • Monitoring of the reporting process using the Financial package publishers intuitive control panel
  • Maintenance of industry standard audit compliance like SSAE 16 SOC 1 and SOC 2
  • Delivery of all reports including ad-hoc, financial and standard reports, including variance reports and income statement reports

A streamlined cloud financial reporting process ensures fast and flexible reporting for your month-end, quarterly or annual reporting requirements.

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