Planning Budgeting And Forecasting Software
Use Host Analytics Planning Budgeting and Forecasting Software for Better Decison Making

Host Analytics simplifies budget forecasting by nullifying the need for new hardware or hiring on-site consultants. By offering the best cloud-based budgeting software for corporate performance management, Host Analytics optimizes your company's financial operations like no one else.

Planning, budgeting and forecasting software from Host Analytics optimizes your pool of resources with the best spreadsheet software available on the market. It helps to incorporate accurate information in your planning at any point of time.

Read our whitepaper, Become an Agile Organization: Gain a Competitive Edge Through On-Demand Budgeting and Forecasting, and learn how winning companies are using planning, budgeting and forecasting software from Host Analytics to stay ahead of the game by:

  • Combining data from multiple data sources into a single application, which allows them to better identify their key success factors and incorporate them into forecasts
  • Using cloud-based technology to more rapidly adopt new planning applications, and ensure that accurate, up-to-date information is available in real time to larger groups of decision-makers and across the organization
  • Reducing costs by avoiding costly on-premise enterprise performance management (EPM) software and reducing the burden on their IT teams
  • Streamlining the budgeting and forecasting process by automating the workflow and using simple, easy to-use templates
  • Improving data accuracy by relying on a single data source, implementing centralized security and controls over who can change data or edit formulas, and employing audit trails to make troubleshooting quick and easy

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