Performance Management Software Comparison
Gain Critical Insights into Your Data

Organizations are inundated with data that can offer critical insights for future data-driven actions. Enterprise performance management (EPM) software enables organizations to focus on planning, budgeting, strategy and forecasting, and other business applications relative to strategic business goals.

The right EPM software comparison makes a big difference in your budgeting and planning efforts. Three metrics that drive the performance management software comparison include:

  • Quantifiable Benefits – How do you maximize cash allocation for the budget process? What is the best way to coordinate with other departments such as Sales, Manufacturing and Marketing etc.? Budget becomes a strategic weapon for running your company and allows for a smoother budgeting process
  • Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) - Includes hardware, software, consulting, training and other categories of cost such as cost of staff per hour/year. Adopting a cloud solution can help save hardware, and IT costs
  • Time to Benefit (TTB): This has two components. The first is time to implement (TTI).The time to benefit (TTB) is the total time (including time to implement) that it takes to achieve a benefit

Budgeting and Planning are strategic. Host Analytics offers SaaS based Enterprise performance management software that includes everything from business budgeting, to a complete management performance system.

Gain the flexibility and accessibility to our sate-pf-the-art software solution that can be configured to meet your business needs, along with continued IT support whenever required. 

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