Forecasting Working Capital
Accurate Working Capital Forecasts with Host Analytics

Organizations need to bridge the divide between finance and operations to accurately forecast working capital. To do so, you need to reduce the reliance on Excel and other traditional spreadsheets, which could impact your ability to meet the financial goals and targets. By having a centralized platform to manage the assets and liabilities, you can improve the efficiency of working capital forecasting.

Host Analytics can help you plan, budget, forecast, and model better. You can include details on depreciation, transfers, and maintenance, and analyze their impact on your finance. Using our Planning solution, you will eliminate manual work outside the system and can create forecast models and reports with a simple click. Some of the key offerings of our Planning solution include:

  • Pre-built applications allow finance and operations to merge their data and plans.
  • Modeling provides managers with the ability to create bottom-up, top-down, or middle-out processes with unlimited scenarios
  • AirliftXL enables you to move formulas, formatting, and model structure into the Host Analytics Cloud EPM Suite from the Excel templates that drive your current process

Host Analytics Planning can be easily maintained by finance without IT assistance. Want to learn more? Contact Host Analytics today or download our analyst report.

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