Financial Intelligence
Strategic Cloud Finance Planning and Sophisticated Business Intelligence Applications Take Center Stage in 2012

Cloud based business financial intelligence is needed for organizations to plan for future decisions based on business drivers. Financial intelligence leads to improved financial results, increased employee morale and reduced employee turnover.

Host Analytics cloud-based close and disclose application, with pre-built financial and accounting intelligence can improve close time and allow for better analysis. With the Host Analytics solution, organizations can:

  • Integrating the cloud into their strategic financial processes
  • Plan for future decisions based on business drivers
  • Blend internal operations with benchmarks and economic indicators, for better anticipation of market fluctuations
  • Use advanced planning techniques to minimize those risks

Business users gain advantage from business agility, as our applications are always available. Cloud finance and business intelligence applications can substantially increase the performance of organizations. Want to learn more? Contact Host Analytics today or download our white paper.

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