Financial Consolidation Best Practices
Model your Financial Consolidation Success Story on Industry Best Practices

The world we live in today is a very fast one, where instantaneous decisions have to be made and no time can be lost in manual processes. Economic uncertainties also drive the need for strategic and dynamic financial processes for building a sustainable business. In the world of financial planning and consolidation, the tools available are ERP based, EPM based and also the most common MS Excel.

Host Analytics Consolidation solution uses financial consolidation best practices to help your organization with complex consolidation and reporting. Adhere to accounting standards or produce interactive reports suitable for boardrooms or statutory filings—and still cut time to close by up to 75% Benefits of our solution include:

  • Transparency of financial information accessible across your organization
  • Support for both centralized and decentralized consolidations that enable a quick turn-around in decisions taken
  • Complex functionalities like inter-company eliminations, journal adjustments and calculations, foreign exchange adjustments etc., are all customized and automated
  • Availability of an open audit-trail that can analyzed for opportunities in new strategies
  • Easy migration and integration of external data required for benchmarking and analysis
  • Easy integration of financial and operational data
  • Easy management of subsidiaries

For more information on how other organizations have benefited from our EPM Suite and Consolidation solution, contact us or download our whitepapers.

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