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Modern, Automated and Cloud-based Excel Spreadsheets Software

Excel spreadsheets are the most widely used productivity tool by businesses to report financial and management information. However, when relying on it to support business processes such as budgeting and planning, or using it for complex financial modeling, the shortcomings of Excel become clear. Challenges include scalability, lack of security and workflows to name a few.

Host Analytics cloud-based software incorporates spreadsheet capabilities into its EPM solutions, but with a much more robust set of tools that keep your data secure and allowing for a single source of truth. Host Analytics highly advanced EPM systems:

  • Capture and reuse standard Excel formulas, formatting and model structures
  • Validate current spreadsheets automatically to avoid moving errors into EPM applications
  • Migrate current models rapidly from legacy on-premises EPM applications
  • Reduce the risk of missed data and typos
  • Provide a complete audit trail

Host Analytics replaces the tedious and labor intensive process of juggling multiple spreadsheets with a more modern and automated system.

For more information about the automated cloud based EPM systems, contact us or download our whitepaper.

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