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Host Analytics Offers AirliftXL in its EPM Suite

Enterprise Performance Management (EPM), a subset of ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), includes processes, systems and measurements to manage and evaluate enterprise performance. Host Analytics offers AirliftXL technology to allow efficient migration with the fastest “time-to-value” in the EPM landscape. It helps remove the rework and expense associated with recreating existing models in the EPM suite.

Host Analytics AirliftXL technology offers an Application Transformation Engine that parses complex spreadsheets intelligently to set up and import new models in the Host Analytics cloud environment. It also has other key functions:

  • Captures and reuses the Excel formulas, model and formatting structures
  • Validates existing spreadsheets automatically to avert moving mistakes in EPM applications
  • Migrates the existing models rapidly from on-premise EPM systems

Host Analytics EPM Suite allows accounting and finance executives to go beyond Excel’s scalability, security and manual process restrictions, without compromising investment in Excel models and skills.

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