CRM Magic Quadrant
CRM Magic Quadrant - Abracadabra!

Do you believe in magic? Well, you don't have to pull a rabbit out of a hat, but you may have aspirations to be included in the Gartner Magic Quadrant. To be recognized, enterprises must demonstrate their consistency, innovation, and ability to leverage the latest technologies. The only cloud-based CPM vendor suite recognized in the 2013 Gartner Magic Quadrant was Host Analytics. Ta-Da!

Host Analytics has been consistently proving itself in designing and building robust EPM platforms. Financial and performance management can be elevated to higher levels of flexibility, scalability and data security in the cloud. No tricks up our sleeve.

Host Analytics EPM Suites provide:

  • Fast configuration with easy management of finance and accounts
  • Seamless integration of admin consoles and various applications
  • High level and fool proof data security

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