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Today, more and more large and small businesses are either buying or migrating to Host Analytics's cash flow forecasting on the cloud. Its secure, flexible, enterprise-integrated and easy to deploy.

Key Features of Host Analytics's Cash Flow Forecasting Software:

  • Fast to implement - When compared to on-premises software, you can go live faster as is no software or hardware to install. You can be up-and-running way before your next budget cycle. With its multi-tenant cloud computing architecture, you can configure your application without the need for any expensive IT customization projects.
  • Privacy - It stores data using AES-256 encryption. It backs up data hourly and the stored backups makes use of 448-bit encryption for their protection. Every customer is provided with its own set of database tables with its own partition in the database having its own unique database schema so that no logical communication is permitted between customer database instances.
  • Security - Host Analytics goes through annual SSAE 16 SOC1 (Type 2) & SOC 2 audits, and other security audits & internal compliance self-assessments. These security audits provides the foundation for customers to sustain compliance with critical regulatory requirements.

Read our whitepaper, Become an Agile Organization: Gain a Competitive Edge Through On-Demand Budgeting and Forecasting, and learn how winning companies are using cash flow forecasting software from Host Analytics to stay ahead of the game.

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