Business Reporting For Decision Making
Insightful Decision Making Through the Host Analytics Decision Hub

Making business decisions is easier with proactive analysis and insightful reports. Cloud-based corporate performance management (CPM) systems help businesses improve business reporting for decision making.

Host Analytics's Decision Hub has been designed for providing the right data at the right time for business reporting, planning and decision making. The Decision Hub has been weaved into the Host Analytics EPM Suite for:

  • Faster and more accurate reports, dash boards and score cards
  • Report formatting that adheres to professional grades
  • Incorporating thousands of financial data points and key performance indicators (KPIs) into reports
  • Powerful ad hoc reporting analysis
  • Eliminating data uncertainty and wasted effort for finance executives

Enhance the accuracy of your financial reporting with Host Analytics. Read our whitepaper, From 4 Days to 4 Hours: How to Dramatically Streamline Your Board Reporting Process, and learn how to produce accurate business reports in less time, to give your business more valuable, actionable insight.

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