Business Performance Analysis
Host Analytics Offers an Advanced Platform for Business Performance Analysis

Business performance analysis is comprised of the processes, measurements, systems, and methodologies used by companies to measure and manage its quantifiable achievements. Business performance analysis gives businesses a framework in which they can set goals, measure actual performance against those goals and carry out "what-if" scenario planning to assess alternative courses of action.

When it comes to small companies, emails, spreadsheets and ad hoc tools are enough for business performance analysis. But as they grow and flourish, they must add new services and products, and explore new markets and opportunities. They may even acquire other companies, broaden their geographic footprint, and confront more harsh regulatory and compliance requirements--all of which make business performance analysis more complex.

Host Analytics's business performance analysis suite consists of budgeting, dashboards, forecasting, financial consolidations, planning, score carding, reporting and analysis. The suite features an interface similar to that of an Excel and enables users to easily integrate data virtually from any internal source to develop a "single point of truth" for business performance analysis and generate organizational health measures and progress against goals.

Host Analytics recently received high scores from Gartner for all ease-of-use capabilities and for financial close and reporting. Want to learn more? Contact Host Analytics today and download the analyst report.

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