Budget Reporting Process
Work with a Streamlined Budget Reporting Process

The financial process of budgeting and reporting can be a tedious one, as data are buried in various sources and excel sheets across the organization. A cloud-based solution assists in the easy collation and collaborative management of the data.

HostAnalytics’ EPM suites Reporting cloud is your ideal solution if you are looking for a centralized and streamlined process for your budgeting and reporting functionalities.

Our solution simplifies your financial capabilities by:

  • Centralizing the company’s financial and non-financial data into one single source
  • Engaging a single report writer for all management and financial reports
  • Using dynamic reports with point-and-click functions
  • Easy management of KPIs and dashboards
  • Automating the final reporting process with the financial publisher package
  • Automatically combining and monitoring data and graphs with the publisher
  • Improving the transparency of the reporting process with audit compliant data

With our EPM suite of financial solutions, you simplify the functionality of your financial processes.

Visit our website for more information on how to integrate our Reporting cloud solutions into your organization.

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