Budget Forecasting Spreadsheets
Host Analytics Replaces Budget Forecasting Spreadsheets

In today’s fast-paced and highly volatile business environment, businesses need strong collaborative capabilities, clear vision and financial agility for making better-informed, strategic business decisions. New business models, acquisitions, mergers and increasing regulatory requirements intensify the need for accurate, flexible tools for corporate forecasting, reporting, budgeting, scorecard and compliance functions.

For these tasks, many companies currently use Microsoft Excel budget forecasting email, spreadsheets, shared folders and other ad hoc tools, but they are increasingly finding shortcomings with this approach. More businesses are assessing corporate performance management (CPM) solutions as a means to get these jobs done quicker, more efficiently and more accurately. The era of budget forecasting spreadsheets is over, and companies that don't switch to better tools will be left behind.

Read our whitepaper, No More Spreadsheets: Top 5 Reasons to STOP using Excel for Planning and Performance Management, and learn how the Host Analytics cloud-based EPM suite gives you a single, seamless platform for planning, close, reporting and analytics, which means you’ll never have to juggle multiple Excel sheets again.

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