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Host Analytics Offers Extended Service in BPM Partners’ 2012 Vendor Landscape

Host Analytics has been recognized for offering advanced and extended service in the BPM Partners’ 2012 Vendor Landscape for the Business Performance Management report.

As a leader in on-demand, Enterprise Performance Management (EPM), Host Analytics allows financial professionals to make smart decisions and adds value to the bottom-line. Host Analytics EPM solution on cloud has all the required tools that will transform your company into a high-performing enterprise. Host Analytics offers:

  • Cloud Platform
  • Planning Cloud
  • Analytics Cloud
  • Reporting Cloud
  • Close Management Cloud

Host Analytics adopts a holistic approach in risk management and security policy. The objective is to secure enterprise assets, employees and avert potential threats. Guided by NIST and ISO standards, the security policy is aligned with Host Analytics business ethics, core values and mission.

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