Balance Sheet Forecasting
Sync Financial Decisions and Balance Sheet Forecasting

Do you know how a functional or financial decision will impact your balance sheet forecasting? With Host Analytics you can. Planning Cloud, from Host Analytics accelerates cycle times and allows you to attain controlled insight into your enterprise health.

Using Planning Cloud you no longer need to collect data manually. You see workflow status reports that efficiently tracks bottlenecks as well as process completion. Add your inputs to budgets so that contributors can follow a reliable process. Planning Cloud allows you to view audit trails at every step that speeds the planning process and removes errors.

Customers who use planning cloud for balance sheet forecasting have reported:

  • Expansion in the count of plan owners by 5X
  • Reduction in planning cycle times by 75%
  • Increase in profits by 45%

Want to change and update your balance sheet forecasts and budget anywhere, anytime? Partner with Host Analytics.  Want to learn more? Contact Host Analytics today or download our white paper.

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