Performance Management Reporting

Fast and Accurate Performance Management Reporting with Host Analytics Reporting Cloud

Accurate financial reporting and analytics help business executives frame financial goals and build strategies to achieve them. With complexities growing in business operations, the need for a scalable and agile enterprise performance management (EPM) systems for accurate reporting and analytics is increasing. Cloud computing provides a reliable platform for hosting finance and accounting applications.

Host Analytics offers cloud-based EPM solutions that deliver end-to-end financial management. The Reporting Cloud from Host Analytics provides a point-and-click report writer equipped with a report publisher that is automated. With Reporting Cloud, businesses can publish professional-grade reports for finance and management. The key features of Reporting Cloud are:

  • Fast and flexible reporting
  • Generate ad hoc reports backed by powerful analytics
  • Automated final reporting process for management and board books

Host Analytics Reporting Cloud operates on a single data source, making it easy to generate a wide range of reports backed by detailed analytics. Unlock deeper insights from your financial data with Reporting Cloud. Want to learn more? Contact Host Analytics today or download our analyst report.