Have you ever wanted to know how to build a sales forecast model but don’t know where to start? Or how to combine and aggregate your financial and operational data into an easy-to-read report? Or maybe you just want to learn a little bit more about the different ways you can easily and efficiently plan long term for your organization based on your revenue goals.

Wise Up Wednesdays is your solution.

Wise Up Wednesdays is a weekly 30-minute how-to live tutorial session presented by top finance practitioners and thought leaders in the EPM space. Each week, we’ll host a different speaker and topic to present best practices, tips, and a live demo on a specific topic. No sales pitch, no product-specific demo, just 30 minutes of the thought leadership content you’ve been craving.

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How to Manage Patient Enrollment and Inventory – Aug. 1

The Blue Line solution for inventory control in the Host Analytics Solution Exchange has helped organizations gain insights to otherwise difficult items to track. In this session, Blue Line will show you how to use the inventory control solution to stay ahead of the curve with real-time decision making related to manufacturing, purchasing and scheduling for appropriate resource levels.

How to Use Business on a Page – Aug. 8

At its core, the Business on a Page solution in the Host Analytics Solution Exchange is a reporting process. This solution combines and aggregates financial and operational data so that you have access to all the critical information you need to run your business in one convenient place. In this session, Keen Vision will teach you how and when to use it.

How to Create a Weekly Calendar Planning Model – Aug. 15

Many industries need to plan at a more granular level than just months. Any business that needs to adjust forecasts based on the timing of holidays, or weekly calendars can benefit from this model. With a custom ‘Weeks’ dimension that is reusable for any planning year, users can plan in weeks while reporting weekly, monthly, quarterly, or annually with correct values at each level of time. In this session, UHY will show you how to create a weekly calendar planning model.

How to Forecast Revenue by Payor, Channel, and Retailer – Aug. 22

Blue Line’s Life Sciences Gross to Net Revenue Optimization Solution provides pharmaceutical, biotech, and medical device organizations the ability to efficiently manage all aspects of their finances. Learn how to leverage all aspects of gross revenues, rebates, chargebacks, payor discounts, and best price including Medicaid Unit Rebate Amounts to accurately forecast revenues by payor, channel, and retailer.

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Sr. Marketing Program Manager at Host Analytics Inc
Leticia Rodriguez is the Sr. Marketing Programs Manager at Host Analytics. When she is not furiously building programs in Marketo and analyzing data and campaign reports, she can be found watching Coco with her niece or looking for the best taco restaurant in the Bay Area.

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