As the chief marketing officer for a company that makes enterprise financial software, it’s a bit risky for me to admit this but: I think budgeting is pretty painful. It’s a process that consumes far more of my time than I want (or have) to spare. Yet, budgets are essential if I want to get optimal value from my department’s resources. So, like many marketing professionals, I’ve worked hard to master the art of budgeting, planning, and forecasting.

Not the right tools nor language

Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy working with numbers; they help me create great marketing programs that better align with sales objectives and get optimum value out of the company’s marketing investments, and successfully make our goals. But I don’t enjoy wasting hours trying to use a complex and confusing finance application or waiting around for help from the finance department.

I think a big part of the problem is that marketers and finance folks don’t speak the same language. Virtually all financial applications are designed for finance by finance, forcing non-finance users to muddle through unfamiliar workflows and finance terms.

Managing budgets and forecasts just got easier

But here’s the good news: there’s finally a solution to this problem. Today, Host Analytics is proud to announce MyPlan – a planning interface designed specifically for budget owners like me. Now, rather than try to translate finance functions and confusing formulas into my language, MyPlan provides budget owners with a customizable and task-oriented interface that we can easily understand.

It’s a boon to the finance department as well. Finance configures the interface based on each department’s needs and retains full control over the application and data. Essentially, that means I can manage my budget and forecast within the parameters finance has set for me. If I need to make adjustments, I can confidently do so with just a few clicks.

The marketing team here at Host is lucky to have a stellar finance business partner, but anytime we can save managing support requests and handholding is time we all appreciate having returned to us. I feel comfortable using MyPlan – and love that we don’t have to rely on our business partner in finance every time we need to make a tweak to our forecast.

In short, MyPlan is a single interface the entire company can use for planning, budgeting, and forecasting, keeping all of the data in one place so there are fewer miscommunications – and most importantly, fewer surprises.  MyPlan keeps finance and business owners like myself in lockstep on our numbers. This launch is shaping up to be a 2018 highlight for me, my team, and likely marketing professionals everywhere sharing the same pains.

Learn more about how finance can enable budget owners to manage their own budgets and forecasts in our webinar. We’ll talk about how EPM is evolving and how MyPlan can help finance embrace that evolution. See you there!

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Chief Marketing Officer
Christelle Flahaux is a seasoned professional drawing on more than 17 years of experience in customer and field marketing, including senior leadership roles at some of the tech industry’s most recognized and fastest-growing B2B companies. She joined Host Analytics in 2017 and now serves as the chief marketing officer, where she is chartered with driving the overall go-to-market strategy for the company—working collaboratively with regional teams to develop creative sales and marketing programs that increase sales, value, and differentiation across markets.

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