The Host Analytics Future of Finance Roadshow got off to a great start in San Francisco on August 12th. 

The opening event drew a large crowd of Finance rock stars, including: customers, partners, Host Analytics employees as well as an appearance by Host Analytics mascots, “Tic and Tie”. 

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IMG_9932-2The event also featured great speakers and session content.  Host Analytics CMO Lance Walter welcomed the attendees and provided an overview of the day’s agenda. 

Host Analytics CEO Dave Kellogg delivered the opening keynote on “The Future of Finance”, providing his views on how Finance can become a better business partner to the organization. 

Dave was followed by Host Analytics own CFO Ian Charles, who focused on how companies can transform Finance by better aligning Finance and Operations. 

Getting “Future Ready”

After a morning break, the attendees heard a rousing session by industry guru Steve Player titled   “Future Ready: How to Master Business Forecasting.”   In his address, Mr. Player highlighted the problems with static budgets and the issues organizations face in creating and running their business based on budgets – including the time, excessive costs and gaming that occur in the budgeting process.   He then highlighted the need for organizations to focus more on the future, with targets, rolling forecasts and scenario plans that are timely, actionable, reliable, aligned and cost-effective.  And he cited several case studies on organizations who have successfully moved beyond budgeting. 

Sharpening Finance Skills

After lunch, the event broke into two tracks – one targeted towards existing Host Analytics’ customers and one designed for those who are new to Host Analytics.  The customer track included sessions that highlighted what’s new in the Host Analytics Cloud EPM Suite, such as the new Modeling module.  It also included a session on advanced reporting tips and tricks.  The non-customer track included the following sessions:

  • Making Excel Work Better for Planning
  • Performance Management Moving to the Cloud
  • Data Security in the Cloud
  • And Best Practices for Deploying EPM Solutions in the Cloud

The day finished up with some closing remarks by Lance Walter, and a cocktail reception.  This event was the first in a series that will hit 9 cities throughout the US over the next few weeks.  To learn more about the tour and find out when the Future of Finance tour bus is coming to your region, check out the registration page here.

We hope to see you on the tour!

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