Summer19 is Here…and it’s HOT!

Our job as Host’s product team is to continuously build more value into the solutions we offer to our customers. But what’s valuable to one customer may not be so valuable to another or may be an absolute must-have to yet another. Given that we have finite resources, we spend a considerable amount of time with our customers to understand what is truly important and what changes or advancements would make Host solutions appreciably better with every release.

Over the past 18 months we’ve really doubled-down on product development to significantly increase the value our customers get from our solutions. Market influencers definitely see the value in these advancements, which is why we’ve been named a leader in Gartner’s Magic Quadrants for two consecutive years, continue to be a leader in the Nucleus Research CPM Technology Value Matrix for six straight years, and continue to lead the Dresner Wisdom of Crowds EPM Market Study.

But that all means little if finance doesn’t see the value that we deliver. What’s more important is that our customers continue to recognize — and take full advantage of — these product advancements. Since our customers do see immense value, our solutions drive our strong growth, give us the platform to confidently expand into global markets, and even helped us run our largest-ever user conference event this past spring, Perform 2019.

It’s now summer and we could look back at how we’ve improved the Host platform, let that carry us through the rest of the year, and maybe take a couple of weeks to go to the beach or travel the world.

But that’s not how we do things here. We are relentlessly focused on giving finance the tools they need to not only do their jobs, but to evolve into the strategic center of every organization. That’s what gets us excited and that’s what keeps us pushing ourselves to take huge leaps and build features that can really change the way finance works.

Our Summer19 release, available today, keeps that momentum going with enhancements to Host Task Manager, Planning, Dashboards, Modeling, Reporting, and more.

  • Task Manager now gives users more flexibility in how they design and customize their workflow processes. The Host application now automatically generates tasks and approvals based on user roles and security permissions, saving users all kinds of time in setting new and recurring tasks.
  • For Planning, users can further personalize their workspace and more easily input data and approve budgets.
  • Dashboards gets additional personalization, comparison, and formatting options so you can create amazing visual dashboards just the way your company likes them.
  • Modeling now makes it even easier to connect data and models, offers more granular controls for filtering and adding variables, and comes with even faster performance.
  • For Reporting, finance now has more control over customizing report outputs, tables of contents, filenames, and more.
  • For Cash Flow Reporting specifically, automated cash flow reporting automatically captures cash movements at the account level, and provides activity-based reporting so users can quickly and easily analyze the components of cash balances and cash activity throughout the period.
  • And to our NetSuite customers, we continue to make enhancements to NetSuite Connect to meet all of your data integration needs.

If you’re a Host customer, all of the Summer19 enhancements are available today. So now we get to take a vacation, right?

Nope! Our upcoming release calendar is jam-packed with new features and enhancements. We’re bursting with excitement about the changes it will bring to our customers and partners, and how Host will radically alter the market’s expectations. Just as our corporate look has undergone a recent transformation, our solutions are transforming as well. These innovations will change how finance views and takes advantage of our products, and how IT and operational teams approach Host solutions.

Enjoy the rest of your summer!

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