Many of us have heard about the power and importance of AI, machine learning, and big data for the office of finance, marketing, sales ops, and other critical functions. The emergence enables even more advanced applications of data in the decision-making process.  In fact, according to a recent Ernst & Young study, 65% of CFOs reported that advanced analytics will play a substantial role in re-shaping the future of their organizations in the coming years.

Only 50%, however, of CFO’s and executive teams have made the investments in predictive analytics to date. Why? Because too often, these platforms have not been designed for the c-suite and business teams to easily understand and integrate directly into the decision-making process. Finance teams have historically lacked efficient, predictive solutions to validate forecast inputs. The result was a limited ability to identify or measure the impact external factors had on consumer behavior, customer demand, and business performance, as well as an inability to engage in insightful analysis, ask questions, and drive business dialogue during the planning process.

Until now!

Host Analytics and Prevedere have partnered to enable the Host Analytics platform with predictive analytics to validate forecasts and bring predictive insights to the financial planning process, thereby increasing forecast accuracy and insights used in key decision-making processes across the enterprise. This will impact activities ranging from budget target setting, inventory optimization, capital planning, and staffing.

Whether you are in the CPG, retail, or manufacturing space; this real-time forecast validation capability gives finance leaders access to unprecedented insights to be used across all functions of the organization. Integrating these insights directly into the forecasting and decision-making activities allows operations, finance and the executive team to collaborate, debate and agree upon forecasts that are achievable and defendable by all parties.

Join Host Analytics for our upcoming webinar for Forecast Validation: Powered by Prevedere.  In this webinar, we will cover how  Host Modeling and Prevedere’s Business Forecasting Solution in the Host Solution Exchange:

  • Quickly correlates your company’s performance against over two million worldwide data sets to understand which factors outside your walls are leading indicators for your business
  • Incorporates predictive analytics and forecasting directly into your annual planning and /or rolling forecast
  • Validates internal forecasting directly within Host Modeling
  • Leverages real-time, predictive forecasts and insights to create increased opportunities for business partnership

Plus see how leading manufacturing, CPG, and retailers are beating the competition with Prevedere’s predictive analytics and business forecasting solution.

When: Tuesday, April 24, 2018, 10 AM PT / 1 PM ET

Who: Finance, marketing, sales ops leaders

Industry: Manufacturing, Retail, CPG

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Sr. Director, Solution Consulting and Finance Alliance, Prevedere
Scott Stern is responsible for helping clients learn, integrate, and benefit from Prevedere’s leading business forecasting solution(s). Scott has 15+ years within Corporate Finance, most recently as VP of Finance for a $600M portfolio business within HIG capital. Prior to Prevedere, Scott was Global FP&A lead for Masonite (NYSE: DOOR), responsible for the creation of the FP&A department and introducing technology solutions across the $2B organization’s business and operational planning teams. Scott has a Bachelor's in Investment Finance from the University of Florida and an MBA from the University of Tampa.

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