Hello, Host Analytics blog! We are less than two weeks away from Perform 2018, and we (your favorite Host Analytics mascots – Tick and Tie) are taking over today’s blog post to give you some travel ideas while you are all in Dallas, Texas May 21-24, 2018. We recently got to explore the city and are even more excited to go back and see you all.

Where to stay

We are a little biased here since Perform is being held at the Omni Hotel. The hotel is BEAUTIFUL – with great views from the rooms, great dining options, an amazing infinity pool, or if you’re in the mood for breakfast in bed the service is on point! There is also a rotating Pegasus landmark which once towered over the city of Dallas. Check out the Omni’s blog post on the history behind the Pegasus – Pegasus Lands at the Omni Hotel.

Where to eat the BEST BBQ

The Pecan Lodge in Deep Ellum is the place to go and you won’t bust your travel budget (don’t forget to get the receipt)! We got a great sampling of Texas BBQ from beef ribs to pork ribs to our favorite brisket, with all the sides your heart will desire! Make sure to save ample time because the line will be long but totally worth the wait.

Check out all the art

Dallas is known to have a very large arts district – we got to take some time and explore the Bishop Arts District. There we found some great murals – be careful though, one was even so REAL we ran into the wall (ouch – you have been warned)!

Everything is bigger in Texas

The saying is true – case and point there is a 30-foot tall giant eyeball in downtown Dallas.

Before heading home – don’t forget your cowboy hat

If you are near the Giant Eyeball, we stopped by Wild Bill’s Western Store. They, unfortunately, didn’t have boots in our size but Tie did find a great cowboy hat that he is planning on wearing to the Perform closing celebration at Gilley’s!

We are so excited to head back to Dallas soon for Perform 2018. Make sure to come say hi at the conference – we will be walking around listening to all the great breakout sessions and keynotes. We have also been working on our selfie skills, so don’t be shy to ask for a picture and post it on social with #HostPerform.

Signing out for now,

Tick and Tie

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