Motivation Monday = Bert Jacobs

At Host Analytics’ annual user conference Perform 2018, we had an inspirational keynote from CEO and co-founder of Life is Good, Bert Jacobs. Walking out of the general session, as I stood in line to buy his book the chatter and elations of feeling motivated and pumped to start their day at Perform 2018 was rampant. Here are some of the key business takeaways that stood out to me.

Rock, Paper, Scissors, SPIN

Before getting into the main takeaways – Bert Jacobs starts us all off with finding the rock, paper, scissors champion in the room. As I have sat through many conference keynotes, this was such a great way to get the audience involved.

Take away #1) Blur the line between business and play

“Part of our objective in business should be to blur the line between business and play. When we’re having fun and connecting with each other, we’re more productive.” ~ Bert Jacobs.

Take away #2) Tell me something good

Starting that meeting with a simple phrase of “tell me something good” – can completely shift the mindset of a group. Obstacles will always be there, but you can begin to see opportunities and focus on the good things in your business.

Take away #3) Business to fix the world

Use business to fix the world and our lives, not our lives to fix the business. Businesses are platforms for people to be able to help solve the world’s problems – we can’t do it without them. Business has the most touchpoints, resources, and smarts. Business owners have the power.

Take away #4) We “Get To”

“We should never say I have to – ‘I have to work late, I have to go grocery shopping, I have to do the laundry’ – we get to. It’s a gift. It’s a privilege.”

Take away #5) Be the person your dog thinks you are

Talk to your customers about the things they like to do and their families – not just the business.

As you start your work week, I hope this is a friendly reminder to stop and think life is good.

Checkout the entire playback of the keynote from Host Analytics’ user conference Perform 2018, and to learn more about Life is Good check out their website.

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