As the role of the CFO has transformed in recent years, so too have the relationships between finance and other lines of the business — particularly marketing and human resources.

While yesterday’s CFO was known as the barrier between a department and their ability to explore new initiatives, the modern CFO is being hailed as a partner to the business, providing departments with the resources and structure to drive growth.

CFOs are quick to affirm the benefits that their newly supportive role provides to the business, but do other executives agree? Do other lines of the business feel that the CFO is a true partner to them and their team?

Argyle Executive Forum, in partnership with Host Analytics, surveyed leading human resources executives and chief marketing officers to better understand how they view their relationships with the CFO, and what elements are most critical to the relationship.

Download the Modern Finance survey brief to explore the data and understand how the CFO is measuring up to these expectations.

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