The foundation of any life sciences clinical trial is the trial pharmaceutical or device. Managing and forecasting patient volumes, product utilization, inventory levels and costs by product, lot, dosage and expiry date to ensure sufficient inventory, access to that inventory and access to the limited, high cost manufacturing resources and facilities is a critical, complicated process.

Blue Line’s cloud-based Life Sciences Inventory Optimization Solution powered by Host Analytics Modeling gives pharmaceutical, biotech, and medical device organizations distinct advantages by allowing them to efficiently and accurately forecast and manage patient volumes, inventory levels, depletions, costs and manufacturing schedules over the life-cycle of the clinical trial. Here are some of the models we will be discussing in our Wise Up Wednesday session:

-Forecasting patient volumes by indication and user-defined attributes over time, track against trial enrollment targets

-Patient waterfalls, including new patients, exiting patients and total patients enrolled for any given time period.

-Calculating patient attrition rates, while tracking against trial targets

-Forecasting patients phase off automatically based on trial assumptions

-Tracking provider volumes against trial enrollment targets

-Forecasting product utilization automatically based on patient volumes and usage assumptions

-Product inventory waterfalls based on patient volumes and product utilization

-Tracking inventories by product, lot and expiry dates to ensure maximum product utilization

-Forecasting product manufacturing cycles based on patient and product utilization (including expiry date)


Join us during Host Analytics’ new how-to series, Wise Up Wednesdays.  Learn how you can use Blue Line’s Clinical Trail Planning and Inventory Optimization along with Host Analytics modeling to help your organization forecast and manage patient trial enrollment and inventory.

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