How do customers get the most value from performance management applications?  What capabilities are most important to buyers?  Which vendors are delivering against these customer requirements? 

These questions were answered by Nucleus Research in their recently-published CPM Value Matrix report.  The 2016 report named Host Analytics as a leader in corporate performance management (CPM a.k.a. EPM) for the second year in a row.  The report also highlighted high usability, analytics, and low cost of ownership as key features that provide the most value to buyers of CPM solutions.

Delivering Customer Value in CPM

In this Matrix report, Nucleus Research found that for customers to maximize value from their CPM deployments, their solutions need to have high usability, analytics functionality, and the ability to be operated by business users without IT involvement.  According to Nucleus Research, investments in usability allow customers to experience greater rates of adoption, accelerate employee ramp-up times, and achieve ongoing productivity benefits. Moving forward, Nucleus Research believes delivering high usability will be a key differentiator for CPM vendors.

Host Analytics Recognized as a Leader

So why was Host Analytics recognized as a leader in CPM?  The Nucleus Research Value Matrix categorizes vendors according to usability and functionality.   Based on vendor and customer interviews, Host Analytics was positioned as a leader in the market with the highest-ranked usability among the vendors in the leaders’ quadrant.  Host Analytics was also ranked as having the highest-ranked functionality among the pure cloud vendors.

In the report, Nucleus Research commented that one of the key differentiating features for Host Analytics is its advanced modeling functionality. With this capability, users are able to create what-if scenarios for complex requirements such as advanced revenue planning, OpEx planning, sales operations planning, long-range planning and others. In addition, detailed operational models can be linked to financial models and plans, so customers can understand the financial impact of key decisions and ensure that finance and operations are aligned.

“Through the cloud, Host Analytics removes IT from having to support the system and allows business users to navigate and manage the solution themselves with little ramp-up time,” said Anne Moxie, research Analyst at Nucleus Research. “Moving forward, Nucleus expects Host Analytics to continue to invest in new features and capabilities and continue to provide its users with an easy to use, scalable solution that offers strong, unique functionality.”                                  

Commenting on Host Analytics placement in the Value Matrix, CMO Ben Plummer commented, “We are thrilled to again be recognized as a leader in Nucleus Research’s CPM Value Matrix; it is truly an honor. Our high rating in usability and for functionality in particular, is testament to our deep understanding of the most pressing challenges facing finance teams today and our ability to deliver agile and scalable solutions that help modernize the role of corporate finance.”

To learn more, feel free to download a complimentary copy of the CPM Technology Value Matrix 2016.  

Download the CPM Value Matrix

13 responses to “Host Analytics Named a Leader in CPM by Nucleus Research”

  1. Melvin Horton says:

    Good to see the world taking note that Host is a leader.

  2. Nick Ezzo says:

    Thanks, Melvin. And thanks also for being a great Host Analytics customer!

  3. Richard Chaplin says:

    I have implemented Host Analytics twice and on both occasions IT had very limited involvement. This is a tool that Finance can implement, own and manage in house and rapidly deliver insight to the organization.

  4. Nick Ezzo says:

    That’s awesome, Richard. And thanks also for being a great Host Analytics customer at both companies!

  5. Shane Riddle says:

    Host has been a great solution for our company, both for purposes of budgeting and forecasting as well as reporting and analytics. If you haven’t moved your company to the cloud yet you need to ask yourself what are you waiting for?

  6. Nick Ezzo says:

    That’s great news, Shane. We’re definitely seeing an acceleration in companies moving their finance apps to the cloud.

  7. Aaron Hicks says:

    Good to see Host Analytics recognized. As a Corporate Controller and user of Host Analytics, I can say It’s nice to have a CPM solution where Finance can completely own and maintain the solution.

  8. Rick Odom says:

    Host Analytics has been a terrific tool for us. We use it for forecasting , budgeting and management reporting. I don’t know how we ever operated without it! Glad to see that the business community is recognizing Host.

  9. Megan says:

    Host Analytics has been a great tool for our budgeting and forecasting needs!

  10. Brian says:

    Host Analytics has been a great solution for the company in regards to automating our processes to report on key operational KPIs throughout the business.

  11. Jim Perry says:

    Host Analytics has helped us earn a seat at the table and offer accurate, actionable business intelligence.

  12. Jim Perry says:

    Host Analytics has helped us earn a seat at the table and offer accurate, actionable business intelligence.

  13. Michaela says:

    Host Analytics provided a great solution for processing the automatic reports, and it is great for budgeting, forecasting. You are the Champ!

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