Host Academy Relaunches with Exciting Improvements

Just last week, Host Analytics announced the availability of the Host Summer 18 release. With more than 175 enhancements and four new products launched in the past year, we are delivering more power and speed to make life easier for financial teams and budget owners alike.

With such a rapid pace of innovation, our customers need quick and easy access to training materials. To stay ahead of their needs, we have big news:  Host Academy has been relaunched with exciting improvements.

Craig Willis is the VP, Training & Support at Host Analytics – he is responsible for providing customers with the training they need to have a successful implementation and for providing for their ongoing support needs. Here’s what Craig had to say about these latest improvements to Host Academy.

Q: What’s new and improved at Host Academy?

The enhanced user interface is something that Host customers will notice immediately. Our goal was helping customers have a more efficient learning experience, where they spend more time learning and less time searching for content. The new Host Academy features a much cleaner user interface, which enables customers to quickly and easily access relevant content.

Beyond the interface, all of the training content and materials on Host Academy are now categorized in a more logical and streamlined fashion. Customers can easily target the training they need want and quickly find the appropriate content by product, level, user type, and delivery method, and more.

Q: What are the benefits to Host customers?

It’s all about easy discovery of and fast access to training materials. Those are the biggest benefits customers will realize with the new Host Academy. Customers also now have access to Host Academy directly from within Host Analytics applications. That means their credentials will authenticate automatically, with no additional username or password entry required.

Customer response so far has been fantastic, with overwhelming feedback on how easy it is to access Host Academy trainings and content. The new “Getting Started” course series, which bundles the key training content that new users need, is also getting great reviews from our newest users. And customers are raving about the single sign-on to Host Academy, since access is now automatically granted via their Host Analytics applications.

Q: Why is it critical for any solution to have a great training resource for customers and their teams?

From the administrative, ROI, and impact perspectives, knowledge is key to making the most of any software investment. Teams gain that knowledge by being immersed in appropriate proper trainings that build understanding and provide insights into how the solution will make their jobs easier.

From the end user’s point of view, many of the tasks they perform are similar, regardless of the customer or the role. So instead of requiring a new customer to build custom training content for their teams, they can take advantage of Host’s training simulations. This enables users to simulate the tasks they’ll be accomplishing and eliminates the time and tedium of building custom training programs.

Part of any solution rollout is an investment in training. That training content must also be regularly updated and delivered how and where the customers need it. Ultimately, it’s critical that a vendor cares about customer success, and that the commitment follows through in their approach to training.

Q: Does the relaunch include training on the Summer 2018 release?

There is always a spike in training activity when a quarterly release is launched.  The Host Training product team does a great job of updating existing training content and adding materials around new features that many of our customers are eager to explore, including the recent additions of MyPlan and Dashboards training content.

Q: What’s next for Host Academy?

Host is constantly working on updating and adding new content to Host Academy, but some of the bigger upcoming changes are redesigns of the Virtual Instructor-Led Classes and preparing for PERFORM 2019!

And if any customer has feedback on what they want to see next, we invite them to contact us with any thoughts or ideas. They can contact me directly or email the Host Training Team.

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