One of the more amusing aspects of attending Host Analytics World the past few years has been the presence of our company mascots Tic & Tie.

Nashville-haworld-2017 (002).jpg

For those who haven’t seen or met the duo, they are live characters representing one of the most cherished tasks of accountants and auditors. But while Ticking and Tying out numbers may be seen as mundane tasks, our mascots are actually fun characters who hang out at our user conferences spreading goodwill, high-fiving attendees and having their picture taken over the course of 3 days.

Tic n tie 2017.jpg

While they are mostly assigned to spread goodwill at the conference, our mascots sometimes deviate from their schedule and wander off into the public.  Such was the case in Nashville, where Tic & Tie went AWOL for a few hours and did some site-seeing around town. 

Here are some pictorial highlights of their journey around Nashville.  It started with their tour of the Gaylord Opryland Resort, and even stopping in for a spa treatment. 

 tic n tie gaylord.png

tic n tie spa.png

Then they made an appearance at the Country Music Hall of Fame on their way to the streets of downtown Nashville, where they made many new friends.

tic n tie HOF-250015-edited.png

tic n tie elvis.png

Getting a preview of our conference party venue, Tic & Tie stopped by the Wildhorse Saloon to cool off and have some adult beverages (yes they are over 21). 

tic n tie wildhorse.png

Finally, they capped off their trip with a visit to the Grand Ole Opry.

tic n tie grand ole opry.png

See, I told you they were fun characters.  You can see other highlights from Host Analytics World here.  Look out for Tic & Tie next year in Dallas.

And have a great weekend!

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