In 2015, the IT industry appeared to reach the tipping point in the transition from on-premises to cloud-based applications. Following years of rapid cloud-based application adoption in sales, marketing, human resources, and even finance got on the bandwagon in 2015.

This was evident in a 2015 survey by Gartner and FEI where increasing number of respondents indicated they had already deployed, were in the process or planning to deploy their business applications in the cloud. This included:

  • Payroll (65%)
  • CRM (57%)
  • T&E management (57%)
  • Financials (53%)
  • Management Reporting (49%)
  • Modeling/Business Analytics (46%)
  • Budgeting/Planning (45%)

As a result of this shift in customer preference, just about every business application software vendor is now claiming they have “cloud” applications, but not all cloud solutions are created equal. Make sure you understand the different flavors of cloud that are available and especially what the cost implications are of the various deployment models.

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