Ensuring customer success in EPM implementations is a key objective for Host Analytics.


To that end, we’re now rolling out a certification process for implementation consultants that’s designed to “raise the bar” and ensure that customers are getting the best services possible for their Host Analytics EPM deployment.  I recently caught up with Bryan Dehmler-Buckley, Director of Enablement, to get more details about the certification process. Here’s what we discussed.

John:  Bryan, thanks for taking the time to chat about this.  The news about the new certification process is exciting.  What’s the goal for the new certification process that Host Analytics is rolling out?

Bryan: My pleasure, John.  The goal is to provide our customers with the most qualified, highly trained resources for implementing Host Analytics solutions.  The certification process establishes a rigorous progression for learning the fundamentals and advanced concepts, which will enable an individual consultant to successfully implement the Host Analytics Cloud EPM Suite.

John:  Who’s the target audience for the certification process?  Is this mainly targeted to Host Analytics consultants? 

Bryan: Actually, the program will be available for both Host Analytics Services staff as well as our extensive partner organization.  We’re currently evaluating creating a similar program for our customers so that they can achieve certification on the usage of our solutions as well.

John:  That’s great to hear that this program will be available to partners and potentially customers.  What does the certification process entail?

training.jpgBryan: The certification process entails three aspects – training courseware, on-the-job training (OJT), and certification exams.  The training courseware will be a purpose-built collection of training options focused on delivering the foundational understanding of the features of the Host Analytics Cloud EPM Suite.  The training courseware will also cover the key considerations for implementing the solution. 

The OJT will take the practical knowledge learned in the classroom and allow individuals to apply it in real-world situations (designing applications, building templates/reports, creating calculations, etc.).  Lastly, individuals will take encompassing exams to ensure mastery of the subject material and the ability to apply it to customer environments.

John:  Sounds pretty comprehensive.  Are there different levels or areas of certification?

Bryan:  We’ll be offering certification in different areas of the Host Analytics Cloud EPM Suite – Modeling, Planning, Consolidation, as well as Reporting and Analytics.  Within each of these areas, we will be offering a progression of certification – meaning individuals will need to complete the entire progression of the certification plan to be called a Host Analytics Certified Professional.

John:  That makes sense.  That will give consultants the opportunity to specialize in certain areas or be a master of all areas.  How will the certification process impact partners?  How will it benefit them?

Bryan: Partners will be offered the same opportunities that Host Analytics Services staff are offered in terms of participation in the program.  Partners will benefit from this program in several ways.  The first is that they’ll participate in the most current and rigorous training that Host Analytics has to offer. 

Second, they will engage in OJT opportunities that will give them the real-world experience they need to take their knowledge of the Host Analytics Cloud EPM Suite to the next level.  Lastly, they’ll be able to present themselves as certified experts to Host Analytics customers.

John:  There’s certainly a lot of value in this for partners.  How will the certification process benefit customers?

Bryan: Due to the program’s rigorous standards, Host Analytics customers will be supported by the highest quality resources in the market.  This translates into a more efficient implementations due to the level of knowledge of the consultants, the consistency with which they execute the implementation, and the exposure the consultants receive during the certification process.

John:  That’s great, Bryan.  This should certainly help customers reduce risk in selecting their implementation partner and increase their chance for success with implementations.  What’s the timing of the certification program?  When will this start rolling out?

Bryan:  The certification program is getting rolled out in Q1 – Q2 2016 and I would expect that we will start to have certified consultants between Q3-Q4 in 2016.  In fact, we recently certified our internal team on the Host Analytics Modeling module.  We’ll have more information available about the program at Host Analytics World in May, so stay tuned for more information as the program gets under way.

John:  Thanks, Bryan.  This program is great news for customers and partners, and I look forward to hearing more about it later this year. 

Bryan:  My pleasure, John.  Thanks for helping to get the word out.

To learn more about Host Analytics Consulting and Training offerings, as well as our partner program, visit our website at http://www.hostanalytics.com/services.

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