Planning Season is Coming – Time to Move Planning to the Cloud?
Well, summer is coming to an end soon – vacations are winding down, kids will be going back to school, and many of you in Finance will be starting the planning and budgeting process for 2018.
What is Driver-Based Planning?
Driver-based planning is an approach to planning and management that is focused on identifying an organization's key business and value drivers and then creating business plans and budgets based on these key drivers.
How to Transform Budgeting for 2018 With Continuous Planning – Webinar Recap
As the final days of summer tick away, many organizations are beginning to think about their planning and budgeting for the 2018 fiscal year. What's your approach?
Continuous Planning – Transform Your Approach to Budgeting for 2018
It’s that time of year.  Come September, many organizations will begin the budgeting and planning process for 2018.  What’s your approach going to be?
4 Steps to Reducing the Pain of Planning and Forecasting [Webinar Recap]
While summertime is here in the Northern Hemisphere, budgeting season is just around the corner.  That’s right, in a few months you’ll be starting the planning process for 2018.
The Wisdom of Crowds Weighs in on Enterprise Planning
Summer’s here and the time is right for dancing in the streets….and for Host Analytics!
What Is Budgeting vs. Planning?
Budgeting is the process of setting revenue and expense targets for a specified period of time, with the budget that results from the process being used to plan and control the allocation of resources.
What’s All the Buzz About Continuous Planning?
There’s been an increasing amount of buzz in the market around the concept of “continuous planning.”  While the concept has been around for a while, why is this getting so much attention now?  What does it mean?  And how continuous is continuous?
Stop Abusing Excel for Workforce and CAPEX Planning
Two of the critical planning processes that feed into the operating expense planning process are workforce planning and capital expense (CAPEX) planning.
How to Align Financial and Operational Planning
When it comes to financial budgeting and planning, the days of top-down budgeting, driven by Finance seem to be waning.