The FP&A Role is Changing – What Phase is your Organization in?
Today’s competitive business environment demands more from the FP&A function. Innovation, agility, and growth are competitive necessities, and now more than ever businesses are turning to finance to identify and drive the initiatives that support these strategic goals.
Why is Finance Now Moving to Cloud-Based EPM?
Enterprise software solutions for budgeting, planning, and forecasting (BPF) provide chief financial officers with higher quality results and with much greater efficiency than the traditional method: spreadsheet solutions shared via email. A survey of senior finance executives shows that most—54 percent—still use spreadsheets for their BPF. But the survey also shows that more companies will…
Top 2017 Blog Posts for Finance Transformation
The new year brings about a time to reflect on the previous year - from what worked well to what didn’t work so well. Along with the reflection can come an inspiration to change. Transforming finance to be the true business partner for the organization can be a daunting task - so as you are…
Five Steps to Transforming Finance to be a Business Partner
According to a July 2017 survey by CFO Research and Host Analytics, finance departments are under mounting pressure to deliver budgeting, planning, and forecasting (BPF) data more rapidly, and to integrate the processes involved in BPF across the enterprise.
What Are the Best Practices in Finance Transformation?
Finance transformation – the industry has been talking about this for a number of years.  But what does it take to evolve Finance into an agile and transformed function?  Transformation from what to what?  Where should you start?  What are the benefits?
What Does it Take to Achieve Success With Finance Transformation?
What does a transformational Finance organization look like?  What are some key traits to emulate?
5 Critical Steps in Successful Finance Transformation From Accenture [Webinar Recap]
Predicting the future with perfect clarity is impossible. Who saw Brexit coming? How about the end of brand loyalty or the rise of Snapchat? Accounting for change when everything is changing can make business planning a difficult affair.
Finance Transformation –  How to Get Started Using a Maturity Model [Webinar Preview]
Many Finance organizations today want to transform their departments or enterprises.  But transformation means different things to different people.
Insights from Accenture on Finance Transformation
How can the financial planning and analysis (FP&A) function provide more value to the organization?
How EPM Solutions Support Finance Transformation
Finance transformation is an elusive topic that the industry has been talking about for years.  But what does it really mean?  Transformation from what to what?  And how do EPM solutions help support Finance transformation?