The Age of Cloud has Changed the CFO & CIO Relationship
There is a fundamental shift taking place between the CFO and CIO in terms of how internal applications are managed – who owns them, who implements, who maintains – and what are the differences in how this relationship has evolved over time.
Part 2 – Self-Disrupt or Self-Destruct: Keys to Being a Market Disruptor
It pays to study how companies successfully disrupt markets because it’s better to set your own course and be the master of your own business destiny, lest you find yourself in the disruptor’s wake. Recent disruptions have transformed, even destroyed, markets once dominated by established leaders that failed to recognize the coming disruption, and examples…
Self-Disrupt or Self-Destruct
Disruption isn’t a concept which CFOs normally favor. But in business, disruption is everywhere one looks, as companies grapple with disruptive business models, disruptive channels, and disruptive technologies.
What CFOs Need to Know about EPM [eBook Preview]
CFO Research in partnership with Host Analytics recently conducted a survey of financial professionals. The result of the survey is the eBook - What CFOs Need to Know about Enterprise Performance Management. This eBook explores a number of issues for CFOs to consider about cloud-based EPM solutions including:
The Progressive CFO: Planning for the Future vs Looking at the Past
The role of the CFO has changed dramatically in the past 20 years. Budget cycles have gotten shorter, margins of error tighter, and the need to automate the budgeting, planning and analysis processes is exponentially greater.
The Modern CFO – Mission Possible or Impossible?
Over the past 10 years, the role of the CFO has clearly evolved from that of a back-office scorekeeper to that of strategic business partner and beyond.
The First 90 Days:  How to Succeed as a New CFO
The first 90 days is a critical time for any CFO taking on a new role.  While a new CFO wants to hit the ground running, there are many challenges to take on during the transition process.
Are CFOs Finally Becoming Strategic Partners?
It seems like we’ve been talking for years about the transformation of the CFO and Finance from back-office scorekeepers to strategic business partners.  But how are we doing on this transformation?  Are CFOs making any progress in becoming strategic partners?
The Expanding Role of the CFO and How Technology Can Help
For many years the industry has been talking about the evolving role of the CFO from back-office scorekeeper to strategic advisor and business partner to the enterprise.  So how are we doing in this endeavor?