EPM Is No Longer Just for Finance…
New Self-Service Dashboards and Modeling Features Empower Everyone in the Organization
The Advantages of Cloud-Based Modeling Over Spreadsheets
During this era marked by advanced technologies, businesses are utilizing every advantage available to gain the greatest efficiency and affordability they can find.
Using What-If Scenarios in Financial and Operational Modeling
https://hostanalytics.com/platform/modeling/Financial and operational modeling can be used to visualize a variety of business scenarios, based on different business drivers.  This allows companies to gain deeper insights into the ways each decision will affect their businesses.
Host Analytics Modeling Empowers HEAT Software to Focus on Analysis
HEAT Software is a Cloud Service Management (CSM) and Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) software company that supports a variety of core enterprise functions to improve the efficiency of business processes.
4 Ways Multi-Dimensional Technology Enhances EPM 
For accurate and agile budgeting, forecasting, modeling, and reporting, enterprises need to think outside of Excel’s limited dimensional framework and move toward cloud technology that can truly handle multi-dimensional views.
Using the Cloud to Enhance Modeling and Forecasting
In order for businesses to create detailed, accurate financial forecasts, the forecasts need to be based on current and fully integrated financial and operational data.
How Druva Benefits from Flexible Modeling in the Cloud
Accurate financial modeling is a difficult endeavor, and yet it remains imperative to the financial budgeting and planning of businesses.
Host Analytics Modeling Simplifies Planning and Reporting
Following the successful launch and rapid customer adoption of Host Analytics Modeling Cloud, the IT industry analyst community continues to sing the praises of this new solution. 
Modeling is the Belle of the EPM Ball
Timing is everything.  According to a several leading indicators, market demand for modeling capabilities in enterprise performance management (EPM) has started to accelerate. 
Integrating Finance and Operations
Meeting the Needs of Operations Analysts Business modeling is considered an essential element of the planning process within EPM. Modeling sheds light on the causes, not just the effects, of changes in variables that impact business performance.