Business on a Page – In Depth Visibility in One Source

As part of Wise Up Wednesday, a new Host Analytics webinar series for quick tips and tricks from industry experts, Keen Vision walks us through the Business on a Page Solution. Bringing together the information important to both Finance and Operations.

At Keen Vision, we have always believed there is an inherent benefit in seeing the business to both Operations and Finance…all areas of the business.  Hence our name and why we created the Business on a Page solution for the Host Analytics Solution Exchange which we presented at a recent Wise Up Wednesday.

We were challenged when a client approached us with an idea to deliver a reporting concept for 200+ field operating managers that would include financial and operational data.  And then they asked, “can it be launched in 40 days”?  Sure…no problem.

What is Business on a Page?

‘Business on a Page’ is a reporting application built leveraging the Host Analytics Modeling technology.  The one-page dynamic report gives each manager visibility to their organization, and all units reporting to them, in a consistent format.  They can see the forest and drill into data points to get quick visibility of specific trees.  The data groups for the client mentioned above were diverse:

Revenue & Margin         Headcount                  Delivery Asset Info

Sales Credits                   KPI’s, Metrics             Inventory

Operating Expense        AR DSO                        At Risk Inventory

Profit Contribution         Aged AR                       Safety Info

The reporting utilizes Planning and Actuals financial data from Host along with 12 external data sources.  The reporting process is refreshed on a frequency consistent with the needs of your business.

See the Data You Want to See

‘Business on a Page’ is configurable.  Different industries will require different blocks of data – the design allows us to tailor the approach to fit a specific company or business model.

Output display (rows, tables, charts, graphs) can be tailored to the unique needs of each company.  Data sources, processing, calculations and reporting blocks can be used or activated based on the distinct needs of each client.  And all components can be added, changed or removed as the relevant metrics and measures of the business change over time.

Extend your visibility well beyond financial data.  Put the financials in the context of operational activity and measures.

Check out the Business on a Page solution in action with our 30-minute Wise Up Wednesday presentation.

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Business on a Page Additional Screenshots

Revenue, Volume and Sales Metrics Compare to Prior Year and Forecast

Asset Management  6 Month Trend & AR Aging Comparison to Prior Period


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