A Key Task for Finance – Measuring and Managing Customer Profitability
The only value a company will ever create for its shareholders and owners is the value that comes from its customers – current ones and new ones acquired in the future.
Practical Budgeting Advice:  Put Your Money Where Your Strategy Is
The budgeting cycle for 2017 is fast-approaching.  What types of goals will your organization have for 2017?  Revenue growth?  Cost reduction?  Both?
Management Accounting – Helping Accountants Grow the Beans
Managers are increasingly shifting from reacting to after-the-fact reported outcomes to anticipating the future with predictive analysis and proactively making adjustments with better decisions.
Accounting – The Darkest Time is Just Before Dawn
I will substantially oversimplify the history of accounting mainly for the purpose to provide perspective for the new era that is now emerging.
The Shift to Predictive Accounting
There is a widening gap between what the CFO and accountants report and what internal managers and employee teams want and need. This does not mean that information produced by the accountants is of little value.