Why You Need to Future-Proof Your Data and Analytics
Are you future-proofing your company’s data and analytics capabilities? If not, you may soon be at a competitive disadvantage. Because data and analytics are playing an ever-more critical role in business and finance -- a trend that is poised to accelerate rapidly over the next few years.
Part 2 – Self-Disrupt or Self-Destruct: Keys to Being a Market Disruptor
It pays to study how companies successfully disrupt markets because it’s better to set your own course and be the master of your own business destiny, lest you find yourself in the disruptor’s wake. Recent disruptions have transformed, even destroyed, markets once dominated by established leaders that failed to recognize the coming disruption, and examples…
Self-Disrupt or Self-Destruct
Disruption isn’t a concept which CFOs normally favor. But in business, disruption is everywhere one looks, as companies grapple with disruptive business models, disruptive channels, and disruptive technologies.
The Progressive CFO: Planning for the Future vs Looking at the Past
The role of the CFO has changed dramatically in the past 20 years. Budget cycles have gotten shorter, margins of error tighter, and the need to automate the budgeting, planning and analysis processes is exponentially greater.