Host Analytics Recognized as an Overall Leader in Customer Experience and Vendor Credibility
Dresner Advisory Services recently released their 2019 Wisdom of Crowds EPM Market Study report. The report profiles enterprise performance management (EPM) market trends, and ranks vendors on a variety of attributes based on customer reviews and feedback. Host Analytics is proud to be recognized as an Overall Leader in Customer Experience and Vendor Credibility.
Digging into Spring19: Faster and Easier Data Integrations
This is the last in a four-part series digging deeper into our Spring19 product release. The series helps illustrate how finance teams can use these new features and capabilities to accelerate, streamline, or otherwise improve their daily and periodic activities.
Digging into Spring19: Greater Control Over Consolidation and Reporting
This is the third in a four-part series digging deeper into our Spring19 product release. The series helps illustrate how finance teams can use these new features and capabilities to accelerate, streamline, or otherwise improve their daily and periodic activities.
Digging into Spring19: Increased Usability from a Modern UI
This is the second in a four-part series digging deeper into our Spring19 product release. The series helps illustrate how finance teams can use these new features and capabilities to accelerate, streamline, or otherwise improve their daily and periodic activities.
Digging into Spring19: Enhanced Workflows
When our quarterly product enhancements are released, such as with the recent Spring19, our customers have near-instant access to a plethora of exciting new features and improved capabilities. Some of those bits might be completely new products while others could be minor tweaks that potentially go unnoticed. But when viewed from the perspective of a…
Perform 2019 Wrap-Up: We Went Back to the 80s to See the Future of Finance
Finance can learn so much from the 80s. Tedious, manual report generation is totally bogus. The transformation of finance is tubular. And spreadsheets were, like rad, but are now, like, really, really old.
Host Analytics Perform 2019 – It’s, Like, Totally Rad
Perform is going to be anything but bogus! Where’s the beef? It’ll be in our keynote sessions covering the evolution of life, music, and EPM from the 80s to today...and back to the future. No way? Yes way!
Perform 2019 Travel Guide by Tick and Tie
We’re back! We’re a week away from Perform 2019 and your favorite Host Analytics mascots (Tick and Tie) are here to give you the lowdown on what to expect in Las Vegas.  We did some exploring, packed our bags accordingly, and are ready to share what you should know before you go!
Don’t Gamble on the Evolution of Your Business
The Host Analytics partner community is gearing up to show you how finance is leading the evolution of business at Perform 2019. Our industry-leading partners will be showcasing their complementary products and services to help Host Analytics users drive the business with their Host implementations. Host Analytics partners will be a strong presence at Perform,…
VLOG: 3 Ways Finance and Marketing Can Stay Aligned During the Quarter
In order to grow a company, finance and marketing have to stay in lock-step. Saran Raksincharoensak, Finance Director, and Amanda DePaul, Vice President of Demand Generation at Host Analytics, sit down to discuss how they work closely together to ensure alignment and help grow the business. In this video, they’ll focus on three reports: actual…
Achieving the Elusive Zero-Day Close
Closing the books, whether it is monthly, quarterly, or yearly, often takes much more time than companies would like. This is due to the extensive manual effort that is required to collect, aggregate, and validate data in financial systems before reports can be finalized. Lack of security, controls, and poor collaboration abilities through Excel (the…
4 Reports Every FP&A Team Should Be Using
Corporate FP&A teams use both quantitative and qualitative analysis of all financial and operational aspects of a company to evaluate the company’s progress toward achieving its financial goals and to map out future goals and plans. FP&A Managers utilize financial and economic trends to review past company performance and attempt to predict opportunities and anticipate…
What Kind of Return to Expect from an EPM Investment
Investing significant time and money in any new software, tool, or process necessitates an understanding of the potential return on investment (ROI) to ensure that resources are well-spent. What kind of return can finance expect from an investment in financial planning and consolidation software? It goes beyond the financials.
Tighter Collaboration, Powerful Modeling, Ease of Use, and More Ways Our Winter19 Product Release Makes Customers Better
Our chief product officer, Sanjay Vyas, answers questions about the latest updates to Host Analytics and how they’re helping customers do more, do it better, and do it with a smile.
3 Planning Initiatives Sales and Finance Should Agree On
Bottom-up, top-down, middle-out – sometimes it seems like there are a dozen different ways to generate a sales capacity and quota attainment model and getting started can be overwhelming. Sales and finance may inherently have different priorities, but in the planning process both teams have the same goal: develop a model that predicts with accuracy…
Watch Us Grow: Looking Back on 2018 and Forward to a Bright Future
The weather is still chilly, the Christmas lights are slowly coming down, and the commute to the office is returning to its slow grind as folks end their holiday breaks and get ready to tackle 2019. Looking back, 2018 was an excellent year for Host Analytics. There’s so much to reflect on, but let’s talk…
Dear Mr. EPM, My Business Users Don’t Value Budgeting
In the essence of a “Dear Abbey” advice column, we at Host Analytics are trying to tackle your biggest financial process questions. This series of blog posts called, Dear Mr. EPM will look to answer questions on some of your challenges. Have a question for us – email us at
How Customers Help Host Analytics Drive Product Innovation
With the launch of the Fall18 release, I sat down with Sanjay Vyas, Chief Product officer at Host Analytics, to hear first hand about the work his team has been doing and how they are focused on building great products that our customers truly want and can benefit from.
Customer Q&A: Saving Finance’s Most Valuable Asset
Without a doubt, spreadsheets are the most widely used business tool, and that doesn’t stop short at finance. We get it – finance professionals like the familiarity of the spreadsheet. The rows, the columns, the formulas – we’re excited just thinking about all the possibilities, too. But what happens when spreadsheets stop working for you,…
Dear Mr. EPM, Why is Budgeting So Complex?
In the essence of a “Dear Abbey” advice column, we at Host Analytics are trying to tackle your biggest financial process questions. This series of blog posts called, Dear Mr. EPM will look to answer questions on some of your challenges. Have a question for us – email us at
Empowering the True You
Taking the opportunity to look back on your own career path – the people you encountered, the lessons you learned and the risks you took – can be a somewhat sobering experience.
CFO Nightmares
Nightmares are expected on Halloween, but they shouldn’t be part of your financial processes. If you’ve ever experienced these common financial nightmares, Host Analytics can help!
National Spreadsheet Day
October 17, 2018 is National Spreadsheet Day, a remembrance of the first shipment of the VisiCalc spreadsheet program for the Apple II computer back in 1979.
What is EBITDA?
If you’ve seen our I heart EBITDA stickers, you know that Finance is obsessed with this funky acronym and provides a great deal of insight into the business.  As the corporate controller for Host Analytics, I recently got asked what EBITDA is and why do I like it so much. Well, now I’m taking the…
Deloitte Predicts: Technology’s Impact on Finance is Coming
There’s a wave of change headed for the world of business finance. And like any industry that’s heading into a storm of disruption, some of those changes may bring some internal tensions, uneasiness and discomfort to the operations.
How to Calculate Allocations Based on Headcount
As part of Wise Up Wednesday, a new Host Analytics webinar series for quick tips and tricks from industry experts, UHY Advisors walks us through a model that calculates allocations based on headcount.
Host Academy Relaunches with Exciting Improvements
Just last week, Host Analytics announced the availability of the Host Summer 18 release. With more than 175 enhancements and four new products launched in the past year, we are delivering more power and speed to make life easier for financial teams and budget owners alike.
Why Semi-Annual Financial Reporting isn’t Going to Work
Host Analytics’ CFO, Ian Charles gives us his perspective on quarterly vs semi-annual financial reporting. What are the different sides of the debate, how a CFO can reduce the reporting burden, and why quarterly reporting is still the way to go.
Forecasting Life Sciences Gross to Net Revenues
As part of Wise Up Wednesday, a new Host Analytics webinar series for quick tips and tricks from industry experts, Blue Line Planning walks us through the Life Science Gross to Net Revenue Solution, allowing life science companies to forecast sales and net revenues.
Analysts, Customers Love Host Analytics to the Moon and Back!
It’s been a big summer at Host Analytics! The past few months we’ve been on a roll – each week has been filled with lots of exciting accolades and top recognitions from industry analysts, independent research firms, and our very own customers -- Our cloud-based enterprise performance management (EPM) leadership have been recognized as a…
Business on a Page – In Depth Visibility in One Source
As part of Wise Up Wednesday, a new Host Analytics webinar series for quick tips and tricks from industry experts, Keen Vision walks us through the Business on a Page Solution. Bringing together the information important to both Finance and Operations.
Host Analytics Named a Leader in the 2018 Gartner Magic Quadrants for Cloud Financial Close and Financial Planning & Analysis Solutions
This week Host Analytics was named a Leader in two Gartner reports:  the 2018 Magic Quadrant for Cloud Financial Close Solutions and the 2018 Magic Quadrant for Cloud Financial Planning and Analysis Solutions.  Host Analytics was named a Leader in both reports for the second consecutive year.
Dorel Sports Shifts into High Gear with Host Analytics
Finance teams find themselves buried in Excel tabs with myriad formulas and various versions. For many organizations, planning, budgeting and forecasting involve countless numbers of spreadsheets. It may work for a small company, but for a large international organization like Dorel Sports, spreadsheets won’t suffice.
How to Manage Patient Trial Enrollment and Inventory
The foundation of any life sciences clinical trial is the trial pharmaceutical or device. Managing and forecasting patient volumes, product utilization, inventory levels and costs by product, lot, dosage and expiry date to ensure sufficient inventory, access to that inventory and access to the limited, high cost manufacturing resources and facilities is a critical, complicated…
Want to learn something new?
Have you ever wanted to know how to build a sales forecast model but don’t know where to start? Or how to combine and aggregate your financial and operational data into an easy-to-read report? Or maybe you just want to learn a little bit more about the different ways you can easily and efficiently plan…
Be a Finance Innovator by Making Everyone Count
Technology has, in just the past few years, dramatically altered the way we do nearly everything, from sharing selfies to collaborating with coworkers.  How it has affected the finance profession is no different.
Our Latest Innovation Makes Financial Reporting in Microsoft Office REAL Easy
Finance is stressed. It’s challenging to be always working under tight deadlines and monthly reporting crunches while trying to cobble together accurate financial data from across enterprise systems.
BPM Partners Ranks Host Analytics #1 in Six Customer Satisfaction Categories
BPM Partners recently released an annual report ranking the top BPM solution providers, the “Vendor Landscape Matrix Report,” which evaluated 18 vendors across 11 capabilities and 16 customer satisfaction areas.
Motivation Monday = Bert Jacobs
At Host Analytics’ annual user conference Perform 2018, we had an inspirational keynote from CEO and co-founder of Life is Good, Bert Jacobs. Walking out of the general session, as I stood in line to buy his book the chatter and elations of feeling motivated and pumped to start their day at Perform 2018 was…
IDC Analyzes the Future of Cloud EPM
IDC Corporate publishes their report 2018 IDC MarketScape: Worldwide Enterprise Performance Management Analytic Applications 2018 Vendor Assessment, where Host Analytics is named a Major Player.
Press Roundup for Perform 2018
The dust is settled, but the buzz around Host Analytics’ annual user conference Perform 2018 continues as analysts and Host Analytics' partners publish their reviews of the event. A common thread through these posts is innovation and excitement from customers on where Host Analytics is going.
How to Build Better Marketing Budgets in Partnership with Finance
Demand marketing is an ever-evolving, squishy, and fluctuating forecasting nightmare most of the time, but with the right strategic partnership with Finance to build a flow-based model you can have a smart discussion around you budgetary needs. So you can ultimately celebrate with donuts and trophies.
The Green Fields of Finance – a CFO Thought Leader Podcast
Dave Kellogg, CEO of Host Analytics was recently interviewed by Jack Sweeney, for his CFO Thought Leader and Middle Market Executive podcasts. Check out the below highlights and listen in to podcast #396: The Green Fields of Finance.
Partner Breakout Sessions to See at Perform 2018
Hotel and flights (booked), the packing list (created), registration (complete) - the last step for Perform is figuring out all the sessions you want to attend. With keynotes, boot camp, yoga, after parties and most importantly loads of breakout sessions to choose from it’s time to plan out which breakout sessions you will attend.
Perform 2018 Travel Guide by Tick and Tie
Hello, Host Analytics blog! We are less than two weeks away from Perform 2018, and we (your favorite Host Analytics mascots - Tick and Tie) are taking over today’s blog post to give you some travel ideas while you are all in Dallas, Texas May 21-24, 2018. We recently got to explore the city and…
Come say “Howdy, Partner” to the Perform 2018 Sponsors
The Host Analytics partner community will be making a strong showing at Perform 2018. Industry leading companies will showcase their complementary products and services to help Host Analytics users get the most out of their implementation. Host Analytics partners are excited to be exhibiting in our Solutions Showcase and also presenting during the breakout sessions.
The Definitive Guide to Peak Performance with EPM [SlideShare]
Embarking on a journey to answer some fundamental questions - what is enterprise performance management (EPM)? And what do I need to consider when evaluating EPM vendors? No matter what shape or size your organization is in this SlideShare will guide you through the path to “peak performance.”
Host Analytics and Oracle NetSuite – Integrating Cloud EPM & ERP
ERP and EPM (or sometimes known as CPM) are systems that work together for finance and accounting teams to keep and get a business running in peak shape. The seamless integration of Host Analytics with technology partner Oracle NetSuite makes for a match made in heaven.
Disrupting Digital Business: Cloud in a Post-Sale, On-Demand, Attention Economy
“The iPhone disrupted 27 business models,” said Ray Wang, Principal Analyst and Chairman at Constellation Research. The iPhone essentially replaced products such as digital cameras, navigation systems, and even the fundamental flashlight. “Probably ten million jobs were disrupted by just that one device!”
Book Your Spot at the Cloud EPM Event of the Year
Learning, inspiration, networking and your chance to saddle up and ride a mechanical bull — it’s all on tap when Perform 2018, the annual Host Analytics conference, unfolds May 21-24 in Dallas, Texas.
Host Modeling Gets Predictive with Prevedere Forecasting Validation
Many of us have heard about the power and importance of AI, machine learning, and big data for the office of finance, marketing, sales ops, and other critical functions. The emergence enables even more advanced applications of data in the decision-making process.  In fact, according to a recent Ernst & Young study, 65% of CFOs…
The Age of Cloud has Changed the CFO & CIO Relationship
There is a fundamental shift taking place between the CFO and CIO in terms of how internal applications are managed – who owns them, who implements, who maintains – and what are the differences in how this relationship has evolved over time.
Host Analytics MyPlan Makes Budgeting and Forecasting Easier for Business Users: CMO Perspective
As the chief marketing officer for a company that makes enterprise financial software, it’s a bit risky for me to admit this but: I think budgeting is pretty painful. It’s a process that consumes far more of my time than I want (or have) to spare. Yet, budgets are essential if I want to get…
The FP&A Role is Changing – What Phase is your Organization in?
Today’s competitive business environment demands more from the FP&A function. Innovation, agility, and growth are competitive necessities, and now more than ever businesses are turning to finance to identify and drive the initiatives that support these strategic goals.
Why is Finance Now Moving to Cloud-Based EPM?
Enterprise software solutions for budgeting, planning, and forecasting (BPF) provide chief financial officers with higher quality results and with much greater efficiency than the traditional method: spreadsheet solutions shared via email. A survey of senior finance executives shows that most—54 percent—still use spreadsheets for their BPF. But the survey also shows that more companies will…
5 Reasons Why You Hate Budgeting
Budgeting, budgeting, budgeting...the concept of budgeting for business has been around for over a century.
Why You Need to Future-Proof Your Data and Analytics
Are you future-proofing your company’s data and analytics capabilities? If not, you may soon be at a competitive disadvantage. Because data and analytics are playing an ever-more critical role in business and finance -- a trend that is poised to accelerate rapidly over the next few years.
Getting Finance into Peak Shape for 2018
As organizations wind down 2017 reflection and begin to ramp for 2018, now is as good of a time as ever for data-driven teams to focus on achieving peak performance in the coming year. Finance specifically can take a step back and examine their tasks and processes to understand where efficiencies can be optimized and…
Part 2 – Self-Disrupt or Self-Destruct: Keys to Being a Market Disruptor
It pays to study how companies successfully disrupt markets because it’s better to set your own course and be the master of your own business destiny, lest you find yourself in the disruptor’s wake. Recent disruptions have transformed, even destroyed, markets once dominated by established leaders that failed to recognize the coming disruption, and examples…
LT Apparel Finds the Right Fit with Host Analytics
LT Apparel brings fashionable styles to kids with brands such as Adidas, Carhartt, and Healthtex. Founded in 1958, the company works with over 2,300 retail outlets including Walmart, Target and Macy’s, and nets more than $300 million in annual revenue. Imagine tracking all that in a networked spreadsheet workbook and you’ll have an appreciation for…
Self-Disrupt or Self-Destruct
Disruption isn’t a concept which CFOs normally favor. But in business, disruption is everywhere one looks, as companies grapple with disruptive business models, disruptive channels, and disruptive technologies.
Top 2017 Blog Posts for Finance Transformation
The new year brings about a time to reflect on the previous year - from what worked well to what didn’t work so well. Along with the reflection can come an inspiration to change. Transforming finance to be the true business partner for the organization can be a daunting task - so as you are…
Understanding the Difference Between Enterprise Performance Management and Corporate Performance Management
The age-old discussion - What is EPM? What is CPM and what is the difference?
EMSI Improves Workflow, Recaptures Revenue with Host Analytics Cloud Budgeting
Like any professional services firm, Emission Monitoring Service Inc. (EMSI) has to manage a pipeline of work and allocate hours and resources appropriately. Trouble starts when clients demand more than budgets will allow. One project in 2015 had run so far past projections that EMSI was facing a material write-off of hours billed, and a…
The Perils of Using Spreadsheets for Budgeting, Planning and Forecasting
Using spreadsheets for budgeting, planning, and forecasting is still a common practice, and a recent survey of senior finance executives shows just how harmful that practice can be. Chief financial officers who allow spreadsheets and email to serve as their main tool for budgeting, planning and forecasting (BPF) run the risk of hurting their companies…
Solution Exchange Coming Soon…
"Share your knowledge. It is a way to achieve immortality."- Dalai Lama Later in January, we will be launching the Host Analytics Solutions Exchange, and in this post we’ll provide a preview for readers of the Host Analytics Blog.
Medrobotics Manages Global Growth with Host Analytics EPM
Medrobotics, a pioneer in robotics technology for minimally invasive throat and colorectal surgeries, experienced rapid growth after years of success in Europe and FDA approval for U.S. sales in 2015.
Golden State Foods Manages Global Growth & Financial Consolidation
When Brad Tingey joined Golden State Foods (GSF) in 2013, the company had just completed three acquisitions, including two international deals. Consolidating results would be his first and biggest challenge as the new corporate controller at GSF, a multinational food service provider serving 125,000 restaurants in 60 countries.
EPM Is No Longer Just for Finance…
New Self-Service Dashboards and Modeling Features Empower Everyone in the Organization
What CFOs Need to Know about EPM [eBook Preview]
CFO Research in partnership with Host Analytics recently conducted a survey of financial professionals. The result of the survey is the eBook - What CFOs Need to Know about Enterprise Performance Management. This eBook explores a number of issues for CFOs to consider about cloud-based EPM solutions including:
Five Steps to Transforming Finance to be a Business Partner
According to a July 2017 survey by CFO Research and Host Analytics, finance departments are under mounting pressure to deliver budgeting, planning, and forecasting (BPF) data more rapidly, and to integrate the processes involved in BPF across the enterprise.
Planar Gets a Clear View of Performance with Host Analytics
Shane Riddle, Director of Financial Planning and Analysis at Planar, likes to describe his employer as hidden in plain sight. “You may have never heard of us but I guarantee you’ve seen our stuff,” Riddle said.
PS Logistics Charts a Course for Growth With Host Analytics
In 2004, PS Logistics started a flatbed trucking business with 20 owner-operators and 35 trailers. Today, after 13 years in business and a 2012 merger with Grayson Mitchell, the company operates a fleet of 1,000 trucks in over 14 locations across the United States.
The Progressive CFO: Planning for the Future vs Looking at the Past
The role of the CFO has changed dramatically in the past 20 years. Budget cycles have gotten shorter, margins of error tighter, and the need to automate the budgeting, planning and analysis processes is exponentially greater.
Foundation Building Materials Harnesses Host Analytics as its Framework to Strengthen Reporting
An aggressive acquisition strategy by Foundation Building Materials (FBM) came with a cost: the company found itself saddled with siloed applications running in a fragmented IT environment that provided little visibility.
Don’t ‘Frankenstein’ Your Annual Budget With Excel Ever Again!
A recent survey by CFO Research, sponsored by Host Analytics, found that while more than half — 54 percent—of respondents still use spreadsheets/email for their budgeting process, only 6 percent are “very satisfied” with their current system.
How Augusta Sportswear Teamed Up With Host Analytics for Better Business Insights
Celebrating its 40th year in business, Augusta Sportswear today sells more than 800 styles of active wear for teams, coaches, and athletes of all ages.
Will You Be Trick-or-Treating or Copying-and-Pasting This Halloween?
It’s mid October.  At most companies, planning season is in full swing. 
Swissport Gains Transformational Insights to Optimize Finance and Operations
Swissport is the world's largest provider of ground and cargo handling services in the aviation industry, moving more than 4 million tons of cargo a year in 48 countries. But as Kim Lanham, the director of FP&A for Swissport North America, found out, the U.S.-based operation had room for improvement in how it moved and…
Acciona Energy Powers Insights Into Its Wind And Solar Power Business
Generating renewable energy from wind and solar plants is a volatile and complex business. Price fluctuations, changing demand, and competition from non-renewable energy providers are just a few of the factors that confront companies such as U.S.-based Acciona Energy, a subsidiary of the global Acciona headquartered in Spain.
Delighting FP&A Customers with Enhanced Breakback and More Powerful Analytics
Financial planning and analysis (FP&A) professionals are being asked to play a more strategic role in their organizations. Unfortunately, the haphazard growth of business organizations often gets in the way.
Users Score CPM Vendors in Gartner Critical Capabilities Reports
What trusted sources do Finance and IT executives rely on for vendor product evaluations? The answer is typically through their peers; and analysts that specialize in their market segment.
New Executive Powerhouse at Host Analytics
Host Analytics is growing and expanding, but our vision stays the same: to give finance professionals what they need to drive peak performance at their organizations.
Planning Season is Coming – Time to Move Planning to the Cloud?
Well, summer is coming to an end soon – vacations are winding down, kids will be going back to school, and many of you in Finance will be starting the planning and budgeting process for 2018.
What is Driver-Based Planning?
Driver-based planning is an approach to planning and management that is focused on identifying an organization's key business and value drivers and then creating business plans and budgets based on these key drivers.
4 Key Things to Look for When Evaluating Cloud-Based EPM Solutions
Making the commitment to reduce reliance on Excel, or legacy applications, and moving to packaged enterprise performance management (EPM) solutions for processes such as budgeting, planning, financial consolidation, and reporting is a step in the right direction.
How to Transform Budgeting for 2018 With Continuous Planning – Webinar Recap
As the final days of summer tick away, many organizations are beginning to think about their planning and budgeting for the 2018 fiscal year. What's your approach?
Top 3 Reasons EPM Is Moving to the Cloud
The concept of enterprise performance management (EPM) has been around for over 15 years.  But in recent years, adoption of EPM software has been accelerating as the availability of cloud-based EPM solutions has made EPM more accessible to small and medium enterprises, as well as large ones.
What Is Financial Reporting vs. Management Reporting?
Both financial reporting and management reporting play an important role in public as well as privately held companies.
Continuous Planning – Transform Your Approach to Budgeting for 2018
It’s that time of year.  Come September, many organizations will begin the budgeting and planning process for 2018.  What’s your approach going to be?
6 Ways Consolidation Functionality Can Transform Planning
For many organizations, the budgeting and planning process is the initial driver for adopting packaged enterprise performance management (EPM) applications.
Transforming the Last Mile of Finance
The last mile of Finance.  What is it, and what’s so hard about it?  Like running a marathon, the last mile of Finance may be the most difficult to complete.  Let’s look at what this entails.
Moving Financial Consolidation and Reporting to the Cloud – Webinar Recap
Ho-hum, another quarter-end close has passed. This process might seem routine, but how well is your monthly/quarterly close and reporting cycle working?
What Are the Best Practices in Finance Transformation?
Finance transformation – the industry has been talking about this for a number of years.  But what does it take to evolve Finance into an agile and transformed function?  Transformation from what to what?  Where should you start?  What are the benefits?
What Is Financial Reporting?
Financial reporting is the disclosure of financial results and related information to management and external stakeholders (e.g., investors, customers, regulators) about how a company is performing over a specific period of time. 
How CFOs Can Lose Less Sleep Over Financial Reporting
It’s that time of year.  Another quarter has ended, and it’s time for Finance to close the books, analyze the results, and do quarterly financial reporting for management and external stakeholders.
What Does it Take to Achieve Success With Finance Transformation?
What does a transformational Finance organization look like?  What are some key traits to emulate?
The Modern CFO – Mission Possible or Impossible?
Over the past 10 years, the role of the CFO has clearly evolved from that of a back-office scorekeeper to that of strategic business partner and beyond.
4 Steps to Reducing the Pain of Planning and Forecasting [Webinar Recap]
While summertime is here in the Northern Hemisphere, budgeting season is just around the corner.  That’s right, in a few months you’ll be starting the planning process for 2018.
Host Analytics Named a Leader in Two Gartner CPM Magic Quadrants
The shift from on-premises software to cloud-based solutions has been under way for more than 10 years. Now Gartner has validated cloud as the preferred deployment model for corporate performance management (CPM) solutions.
Gartner Corporate Performance Management (CPM) Magic Quadrants 2017 – A New World Order Emerges
In my 20+ years of working in the corporate performance management (CPM) market (a.k.a. EPM) I’ve witnessed a lot of change.  But with the shift to the cloud, a new world order has emerged.
The Wisdom of Crowds Weighs in on Enterprise Planning
Summer’s here and the time is right for dancing in the streets….and for Host Analytics!
What is a Budgeting Plan?
Budgeting is the process of setting revenue and expense targets for a specified period of time, with the budget that results from the process being used to plan and control the allocation of resources.
It’s a Wrap:  Host Analytics World 2017
While planning for Host Analytics World 2017 was a huge task, I must say we had a blast welcoming and hosting more than 700 EPM rockstars in the iconic home of country music, Nashville.
5 Critical Steps in Successful Finance Transformation From Accenture [Webinar Recap]
Predicting the future with perfect clarity is impossible. Who saw Brexit coming? How about the end of brand loyalty or the rise of Snapchat? Accounting for change when everything is changing can make business planning a difficult affair.
What Is Financial Consolidation?
In the accounting world, financial consolidation is the process of combining financial data from several subsidiaries or business entities within an organization, and rolling it up to a parent company for reporting purposes.
A View From the Top:  Improving Performance in Finance
One of the final sessions at Host Analytics World 2017 in Nashville was a panel discussion focused on how to improve the performance of the Finance organization.
LT Apparel Accelerates Reporting and Planning with Host Analytics
LT Apparel may not be a household name, but its clothing lines are present in many households.
Fun Friday:  Tic & Tie Go AWOL at Host Analytics World
One of the more amusing aspects of attending Host Analytics World the past few years has been the presence of our company mascots Tic & Tie.
The Evolution of the FP&A Function [Webinar Recap]
In recent years, the FP&A function has clearly become the “cool” group within the Finance department.  FP&A is forward-looking and has become a key business partner.
Host Analytics World 2017: A Fireside Chat With Customers
Whether you're a new or expert user of the Host Analytics Enterprise Performance Platform, there's always something to be learned when customers get together.
Getting Ready for the Revenue Recognition and Lease Accounting Changes
Is your organization prepared to implement the upcoming changes to Revenue Recognition guidelines?  How about the new Lease Accounting standards coming in 2018?
Finance Transformation –  How to Get Started Using a Maturity Model [Webinar Preview]
Many Finance organizations today want to transform their departments or enterprises.  But transformation means different things to different people.
4 Steps to Successfully Implementing Rolling Forecasts | Host Analytics
Does this scenario sound familiar?  It’s the final month of Q2, and the Finance department will soon be looking at mid-year financial results and comparing them to the original budget.
Host Analytics World 2017: Daymond John’s 5 Shark Points for Success
  Most of us know Daymond John as one of the sharks of Shark Tank, the unscripted ABC primetime drama wherein entrepreneurs pitch for funding from titans of business. John, founder of FUBU and worth an estimated $300 million, told the gathered attendees at Host Analytics World 2017 how he defines success. “I always thought…
Nucleus Research Names Host Analytics a Leader in CPM
What are the most important factors to consider when evaluating corporate performance management (CPM) solutions?  Which vendors are delivering the most value to customers in these areas?
What is a Rolling Forecast?
Rolling forecasts are becoming a popular add-on or an alternative to the traditional approach of annual budgeting in organizations.
Webinar Recap: How to Align Finance and Operations
In today’s fast-changing and highly competitive global marketplace, companies can’t afford to have Finance and Operations running off different playbooks.
3 Ways the CFO and Finance Can Partner with the CMO
Today’s CFO - and by association everyone who works on the Finance team - plays a more strategic role within the organization than ever before.
How to Align Enterprise Performance Management with Risk Management
Achieving financial goals and objectives and maximizing performance are the primary focus for most organizations.
Host Analytics World 2017 Keynote: EPM Past, Present and Future
As a city and a culture, Nashville pays homage to history. From the Johnny Cash Museum to the Grand Ole Opry to the world's only replica of the Greek Parthenon, the city takes pride in the past.
Host Analytics Spring17 Supports More Complex EPM Requirements
It’s been a long wait, but Spring has finally arrived!  Along with that comes Host Analytics World and the Spring feature release of our cloud enterprise performance management (EPM) platform.
What’s the Difference Between EPM and CPM?
The concept of managing performance in organizations has had a variety of labels applied to it. The most popular variations are enterprise performance management (EPM) and corporate performance management (CPM).
What’s All the Buzz About Continuous Planning?
There’s been an increasing amount of buzz in the market around the concept of “continuous planning.”  While the concept has been around for a while, why is this getting so much attention now?  What does it mean?  And how continuous is continuous?
Is Zero-Based Budgeting Back in Vogue?
Over the past few years, the zero-based budgeting (ZBB) approach has gained renewed interest and is being adopted by a growing number of organizations.
The First 90 Days:  How to Succeed as a New CFO
The first 90 days is a critical time for any CFO taking on a new role.  While a new CFO wants to hit the ground running, there are many challenges to take on during the transition process.
From the Field to the Bleachers, Red Sox Turn to Host Analytics
Few U.S. professional sports teams are so well-known that they fill stadiums wherever they go. The Boston Red Sox are that kind of team.
How Are Accountants Feeling About the Economy in 2017?
Accountants tend to be a fairly conservative group of professionals, especially when it comes to economic growth prospects.  So how are they feeling about the global economy in 2017?
Are You Ready for New Revenue Recognition Disclosure Requirements?
The FASB’s new revenue recognition guidelines are rapidly approaching at the end of 2017.  The new guidelines will clearly have an impact on the revenue recognition accounting process for impacted companies.
How to Reduce the Pain of Board Reporting
Timely and accurate board reporting is a critical need in any organization. However, many Finance departments struggle in pulling together the variety of data required – reports, charts, graphs, and textual commentary.
Insights from Accenture on Finance Transformation
How can the financial planning and analysis (FP&A) function provide more value to the organization?
Stop Abusing Excel for Workforce and CAPEX Planning
Two of the critical planning processes that feed into the operating expense planning process are workforce planning and capital expense (CAPEX) planning.
5 Reasons to Attend Host  Analytics World 2017
In less than 30 days, Host Analytics World kicks off in Nashville on May 16, 2017.  In addition to inspiring keynote speakers, the conference will include more than 60 sessions, workshops and more than 50 speakers over three full conference days.
Are CFOs Finally Becoming Strategic Partners?
It seems like we’ve been talking for years about the transformation of the CFO and Finance from back-office scorekeepers to strategic business partners.  But how are we doing on this transformation?  Are CFOs making any progress in becoming strategic partners?
What’s New in FP&A in 2017?|Host Analytics
The Financial Planning and Analysis (FP&A) function of Finance is clearly becoming a critical piece in many organizations.  And with the fast-changing and uncertain environment most organizations are operating within, this is a challenging time for FP&A executives and professionals.
Transform Finance with Cloud-Based EPM Solutions
As the pace of change in business accelerates and Finance departments are asked to do more with less, many are left wondering, “How do we become more efficient and agile?
How to Align Financial and Operational Planning
When it comes to financial budgeting and planning, the days of top-down budgeting, driven by Finance seem to be waning.
Can Audits Help Improve Business Performance?
Internal and external audits can be painful for many organizations.  Lots of time and effort goes into preparing information for the auditors, and the goal is typically just to get a clean bill of health on the financials.
Rolling Forecasts – Transform Planning and Increase Business Agility
While the annual budgeting process is an important step in setting goals and defining resource allocations for the coming year, the pace of change in today's business world typically makes the annual budget obsolete after a few months.
Why Cloud-Based EPM? Easy Integration, Implementation, and Use
What would you say if someone told you there was software that made it simple to unite a number of financial processes in one place, that was easy to integrate with your current systems, practically painless to implement, and had a fast learning curve? Several years ago, you would have thought this person was dreaming.
What’s the Best EPM Solution for NetSuite ERP Customers?
One of the biggest technology acquisitions of 2016 was the Oracle acquisition of NetSuite.  This deal brought a market-leading, cloud ERP application suite into the Oracle portfolio, and provides global distribution channels and more R&D support for NetSuite.
User Experience in EPM – the Host Analytics EPM Platform
This post is the third in a three-part series on the topic of user experience (UX), where I’ll help you to understand the role of product design and user experience in the creation and evolution of the Host Analytics Enterprise Performance Platform and how it affects you, the buyer or user of EPM solutions.
Budgeting, Planning, and Forecasting in 2017 & Beyond
Budgeting, planning, and forecasting are critical steps in the enterprise performance management (EPM) process.
How EPM Software Unifies Planning, Modeling, Reporting and Analytics
Most finance professionals know that budgeting, planning, modeling, reporting, and analytics are all related business processes.
5 Best Practices for a Less Painful Budgeting Process
Here we are in mid-March, and by now, most of you should have completed your 2017 budgeting process.  But while the memory is fresh, this is a good time to evaluate how well your process went.
Hilb Group Supports its Growth Strategy with Host Analytics
Since its founding in 2009, the Hilb Group has grown exponentially to become a Top 100 US insurance agency. Combining strategic acquisitions with investments in driving organic growth has paid off handsomely in recent years.
Considerations in Evaluating & Selecting a CPM Software Vendor corporate performance management (CPM), also known as enterprise performance management (EPM), software market is crowded.
4 Risks in Relying on Excel for Financial Close and Reporting
Excel has been around since 1985. It was one of the first spreadsheets to use a graphical interface with pulldown menus and to have a point-and-click capability with a mouse.
User Experience in EPM – What is User Experience Made Of?
This post is the second in a three-part series on the topic of user experience (UX), where I’ll help you to understand the role of product design and user experience in the creation and evolution of the Host Analytics Enterprise Performance Platform and how it affects you, the buyer or user of EPM solutions.
2016 Year-End Financial Close Breakthroughs: Lessons Learned
It's over - you no longer have to worry about the dreaded year-end close. 2016 is truly behind us. However, the stress of the financial close period only repeats itself next year, or next quarter if you're not using the right tools and techniques.
Earning a Seat at the Table – How to Be a Finance-Led Organization
Recent surveys show that while CFOs are still focused on the bottom line, cash flows, controls, costs, and risks, they also want to take on a more strategic role.
Want a Smoother Year-End Close? Get it Right Each Month and Quarter
The term 'snowball effect' is often used to describe processes that start from an initial state of small significance and then build upon themselves, becoming larger and larger.
Host Analytics Winter17 Improves Reporting and NetSuite Integration
In the Northern Hemisphere, winter means the doldrums for many people.  But in addition to spring, one thing to look forward to is using the Host Analytics Winter17 release.
Year-End Close and Reporting: What’s Behind the Numbers?
For finance and accounting professionals, there are three words in the English language that induce headaches and in some cases, outright panic: "year-end close."
Host Analytics Adds New EPM Talent to its Leadership Team
In late 2016 Host Analytics added another talented EPM executive to our leadership team.  I’m talking about Chris LaBruna, who joined the company as Chief Revenue Officer.
User Experience in EPM: What Is This Thing Called “Design”?
In a three-part series on the topic of user experience (UX), I’ll help you to understand the role of product design and user experience in the creation and evolution of the Host Analytics Enterprise Performance Platform and how it affects you, the buyer or user of EPM solutions.
The Road to Renewal – Creating Customers for Life
What’s more important to a cloud-based software company – acquiring customers or retaining them?
What is Enterprise Performance Management (EPM)?
There are a number of definitions of enterprise performance management (EPM) available in the market. There are also a number of competing terms that are used by various industry experts and vendors.
5 Predictions That Will Transform Finance in 2017
Change will clearly be the mantra for business in 2017, given the new administration coming into power in the US and other geo-political changes around the world.
Is Excel the Right Tool for Corporate Budgeting?
Well, here we are in late January and most companies have wrapped up their budgeting for 2017.  But while the memory of the process is fresh this is a good time to think about how well it’s working.
A Key Task for Finance – Measuring and Managing Customer Profitability
The only value a company will ever create for its shareholders and owners is the value that comes from its customers – current ones and new ones acquired in the future.
Taking On the Complexity of the Financial Close
Well, hopefully the year-end close process is complete for most companies who have a December 31st
The New Revenue Recognition Guidelines – How EPM Software Can Help
Business planning in the face of the upcoming, new revenue recognition guidelines issued by the FASB and IASB has created quite a flurry in finance and accounting circles.
Support the C-Suite with Fast and Accurate Financial Reporting
As a finance executive, you understand the importance of accurate financial statements.
Cloud-Based EPM Software:  Accelerating Year-End Close and More
It's 9 AM - do you know where your financial data is?
What’s on Tap for Finance and EPM in 2017?
Now that the dust is settling on the 2016 year-end close, and the 2017 budget is finalized (hopefully), Finance teams should be thinking about potential improvement goals for 2017. 
EPM Software:  An Essential Solution for Good Times and Bad
As we put 2016 in the rearview mirror and enter 2017, it’s clear that the world is becoming more unpredictable all the time. 
Host Analytics – Your Partner in Taking on Complexity
Happy New Year.  One thing that is certain in 2017 is change and complexity.  Business complexity. It comes at you, constantly, from all fronts.
EPM and ERP Systems – Better Together
Enterprise resource planning (ERP) and enterprise performance management (EPM) sound like very similar processes and systems on the surface.  Given this, the need to have both systems in place may seem redundant.
When Will Finance Fully Embrace The Cloud?
For years now, there’s been much speculation on when finance would move fully to the cloud. The conversation is heating up again as investments in SaaS are growing by more than 20 percent per year, according to Forrester Research. 
Guide to Avoiding a Year-End Financial Close Meltdown
As the year draws to an end, accounting and finance executives are preparing for the financial year-end closing. For many, this is a stressful time. But having a fast and accurate year-end close can bring many benefits to organizations.
‘Twas The Night Before Year-End
'Twas the night before year-end, when all through the company, the accountants were working, and starting to get grumpy. The statements were ready, prepared with great care, in hopes that the auditors soon would be there; 
Another Angle on KPIs in Enterprise Performance Management
The concept of KPIs, or key performance indicators, has been around for many years. I was first exposed to them in the late 1980s while working in a strategic planning team to create an EIS (executive information system) for my company’s CEO and senior management team. 
Using the Fast Financial Close to Uncover New Business Opportunities
It’s easy to take for granted all the technology advances of the past few decades. Today we hold face-to-face meetings with colleagues halfway around the world through our laptops. We know within a few clicks if a line of business is underperforming – and we can do something about it before it’s too late.
Not All Clouds Are Created Equally – Understand the Differences
Demand for cloud-based applications is rapidly increasing in the office of Finance.  If you're considering cloud products or services, you'll hear a lot of related terms tossed around that can easily be confusing.
The Expanding Role of the CFO and How Technology Can Help
For many years the industry has been talking about the evolving role of the CFO from back-office scorekeeper to strategic advisor and business partner to the enterprise.  So how are we doing in this endeavor? 
What Factors are Driving the Adoption of SaaS and Cloud EPM Software?
While global IT spending has been flat in 2016, one notable exception has been SaaS business software, which is expected to grow at close to 20% per year through 2020.
‘Tis The Season – Getting Ready for Financial Year-End
It’s that time of year.  The leaves are falling.  The temperatures are dropping – reminding us all that year-end is approaching rapidly.  
What to Expect from SaaS and Cloud-Based EPM Software
Finance software, and business software in general, has evolved significantly over time.
Scaling to Profitability:  What Investors Want and How EPM Can Help
What are venture capital investors looking for in companies these days?  What’s more important – growth or profits?  What’s the best way for CFOs to provide information to venture capital investors, before and after they become board members?
Everything You Need to Know About SaaS and Cloud EPM Software
'Digital Disruption' is everywhere. Technology is changing the way business is done, rendering old legacy software obsolete.
Host Analytics Fall16 Release Improves User Productivity and Support
While many of our customers have been busy developing their budgets and plans for 2017, the Host Analytics engineering team has been busy adding new features and functions to our Enterprise Performance Platform. 
Minding the KPI Gap – A Critical Part of the EPM Process
Key performance indicators, or KPIs, are a critical component of an overall corporate or enterprise performance management (CPM/EPM) process. 
What Are the Advantages of Moving FP&A to the Cloud?
Budgeting, planning, and forecasting in today’s volatile business environment is a challenging task.  Trying to manage these processes using spreadsheets in a dynamic and growing enterprise makes the process even harder.
Why Robust Data Integration is Critical to Effective EPM Processes
Enterprise performance management (EPM) is a process and software system designed to help organizations link strategies to plans and execution.
The New Game Plan for Finance and Accounting
The Bob Dylan song “The Times They Are a Changin’
Host Analytics Cloud EPM Customers Are Everywhere
You can’t avoid them.  Everywhere you go, everything you do.  They are there, looming large on the consumer and B2B landscape.
How EPM Solutions Support Finance Transformation
Finance transformation is an elusive topic that the industry has been talking about for years.  But what does it really mean?  Transformation from what to what?  And how do EPM solutions help support Finance transformation?
What’s New in FP&A – Part 2
This is a busy time of year for FP&A professionals, with planning and budgeting for 2017 well under way in most organizations.  In a recent blog post
After 31 Years of Spreadsheets, Is It Time to Move On?
It was 31 years ago this September that the world was introduced to Excel. As one of the first killer apps, there’s no question the spreadsheet changed the way everybody works – not just the finance department.
Enterprise Risk Management and EPM – Separate or Joined at the Hip?
Enterprise risk management (ERM) and enterprise performance management (EPM) are often discussed as separate topics.  But when you think about ERM in the broader, operational context, the linkages between the two become more evident. 
7 Megatrends in Modern Finance: Big Data
Trend #6: Finance hasn’t embraced big data… yet
Finance Is Moving to the Cloud – How and Why?
Have we arrived at the tipping point in the adoption of cloud applications in Finance?  By all indications, it appears we have. This was further validated in a recent Gartner research report titled “Finance Moving to the Cloud: The Steps to Take and the Benefits You Can Expect.” 
Getting to the Finish Line:  What CFOs Are Focused on in Q4
With summer a distant memory and Q3 2016 in the rearview mirror for most organizations, what are most CFOs focused on as we enter Q4 and look forward to 2017? 
7 Megatrends in Modern Finance: Turnover
Trend #5: CFOs see turnover as a roadblock
How the Revised Revenue Recognition Rules Impact Budgeting & Planning
In many organizations, the accounting and finance departments are still trying to process the news about upcoming changes to the revenue recognition guidelines announced by the FASB and IASB earlier this year.
What’s Your EPM Maturity Level, and How Do You Improve it?
What type of software tools is your organization using for enterprise performance management (EPM) processes such as budgeting, forecasting, financial and management reporting, and business modeling? 
7 Megatrends in Modern Finance: Enterprise Modeling
Trend #4: Modeling is the top initiative
The Evolving Role of the CFO: From Scorekeeper to Business Partner
Over the past few years, the position of CFO has evolved quickly from one that simply deals with keeping track of the numbers to a valuable executive team member who contributes to the overall business strategy.
Matching EPM Product Capabilities to Customer Use Cases
Evaluating and selecting enterprise software solutions can be a challenging process.  An important part of this process is documenting functional requirements and then assessing well how various vendors support those requirements. 
7 Megatrends in Modern Finance: Hiring in Operational Planning
Trend #3: Hiring in the operational planning areas is outpacing that of finance
What’s New in Healthcare Performance Management?
Healthcare is clearly becoming one of the more challenging industries in which to operate.  The need to balance quality patient care with controlling costs and meeting regulatory requirements is stretching the resources of many healthcare providers. 
Strategies for Making Budgeting and Planning More Effective
Today, planning a corporate budget is more challenging than ever, as there is greater pressure on business than ever before.
5 Easy Steps to Switching Planning Tools
It’s that time of year – when leaves turn their fall colors, kids are back in school, and of course, budgeting season ramps up.
7 Megatrends in Modern Finance: Lack of Data and Technology
Trend #2: Lack of data and technology areprimary barriers
Easing the Struggles of the Annual Budgeting Process
Annual budgeting is a notorious pain in the business world, taking up bounteous quantities of time, while still producing unreliable results.
Capitol Petroleum Group Uses Cloud EPM to Support Business Growth
Petroleum is a major industry in the U.S., and petroleum businesses are prone to rapid growth.
What’s the Difference Between Business Intelligence (BI) and EPM?
One of my colleagues recently asked if I could write a blog post describing the difference between business intelligence (BI) and enterprise performance management (EPM) solutions.
7 Megatrends in Modern Finance: The Changing Role
Trend #1: The role of finance is changing
Battling Data Silos: 3 Tips to Finance and Operations Integration
Finance is often flying half blind.  Charged with tasks such as budgeting, planning, forecasting, and reporting Finance executives are often only able to see half the picture: the limited amount of data that they have.
How EarthLink Improved Financial Reporting with Cloud-Based EPM
EarthLink is a provider of dial-up and broadband Internet services that launched in 1994.  Headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, their services span the country, serving over 150,000 businesses and 1 million consumers across the U.S.
What’s New in Financial Planning and Analysis a.k.a. FP&A?
From what I'm hearing, Financial Planning & Analysis (FP&A) is becoming the "cool" department within Finance that many professionals seek to work in.  Why?  Probably because FP&A is less focused on the day to day transaction processing and more focused on forward-looking analysis and strategy for the business.
The Advantages of Cloud-Based Modeling Over Spreadsheets
During this era marked by advanced technologies, businesses are utilizing every advantage available to gain the greatest efficiency and affordability they can find.
How Steinway Uses Cloud-Based EPM to Streamline the Financial Close
Steinway Musical Instruments is a global provider of artisan-made pianos and instruments. Growing up and learning to play the piano on a Steinway was every girl's dream. I loved it!
What CFOs Are Thinking About Finance Technology
In early July, Gartner and Financial Executives International (FEI) quietly released the results of their 2016 survey on Finance Technology. This was the 18th
What’s New and What’s Coming in Accounting Technology?
Well it's that time of year - back to school time for students of all ages.  Have you ever wondered what students taking Accounting courses in college are learning about technology to prepare them for the business world?
3 Steps to Improving Agility in Financial Budgeting and Planning
Financial agility is becoming a necessity in the business world, as the world of business continues to evolve and become even more dynamic.
What’s New in Finance Transformation?  EPM, Cloud, Big Data and More
The worlds of Finance and EPM are rapidly changing.  Finance teams are shifting their focus from counting and scorekeeping, to adding strategic value to the business,  They are freeing up time to help managers consider the possibilities and make better decisions that can impact future results.
Host Analytics Improves EPM User Productivity With Summer16 Release
Summer may be coming to a close, but the Host Analytics engineering team has been busy building on the exciting innovations and features we delivered with the Spring16 release of our Enterprise Performance Platform in May.
Improving Agility in Planning and Forecasting
In the recent webcast, How Finance Leaders Plan and Forecast with Agility, a survey highlighted that nearly 55 percent of respondents see planning and budgeting as their primary EPM priority.
6 Things IT Executives Need to Know About Cloud-Based EPM
Enterprise performance management (EPM) processes – such as budgeting, planning, financial consolidation, reporting, and analysis – are clearly owned and managed by the CFO and Finance department and can be extended across the enterprise.
Why Would Satisfied Oracle Hyperion Customers Leave?
I recently led a panel discussion with three ex Hyperion customers. I always love talking to our customers. It energizes me because I learn something new every time. Plus they help us get better, and they’re generally excited about the product – what’s not to love about that?
Dynamic Budgeting, Planning and Reporting for Life Sciences Companies
Companies in the Life Sciences industry – such as Pharmaceutical manufacturers, Biotech companies, and Medical Device manufacturers – are facing major challenges.
The Future of Finance – Coming to a City Near You
2016 is shaping up to be an exciting year in business.  Great Britain’s exit from the European Union and the upcoming US presidential election will certainly impact the global economy.
Best Practices for Streamlining Budgeting and Forecasting
Budgeting and forecasting is an integral part of every business, and yet it is often the most inefficient.
The Role of the BHAG in Budgeting and Planning
A typical software implementation includes an assessment of the current state systems, processes and requirements. It should also look ahead to your organization’s strategic plan to determine if any future requirements should be included in the assessment.
4 Businesses That Are Thriving with Cloud-Based EPM Software
Cloud-based EPM software is a growing industry, and more businesses, both large and small, are leveraging it to improve their financial processes.
Evolution vs. Revolution: Which Approach for Improving Budgeting?
Choosing to make changes to your budgeting process can be a bold move.
How EPM Can Improve Financial Processes and Increase Data Accuracy
Every CFO has a playbook; the tools they rely on to operate their businesses efficiently.
How Is Your Business Planning for the New Overtime Rules?
On May 18th, 2016, the Department of Labor (DOL) finalized their new overtime regulations.
Tips to Focus Business Analytics and Increase Value
No matter the industry of your business, it will undoubtedly benefit from business analytics.
Making the Business Case for Cloud-Based Planning and Reporting
Has your organization outgrown its spreadsheet-based system for budgeting and planning?  Have you “hit the wall” in using spreadsheets for financial consolidation and reporting?
The Growing Fear of Excel and Finding An Excel Replacement
For the past 30 years, Excel has been integral to businesses everywhere.
A Call for Change: 6 Indicators You Need a New Approach to Budgeting
Perhaps you've been considering implementing a new approach to budgeting but are concerned it will be too complicated or time-consuming.
Finance’s Playbook for Leveraging Enterprise Performance Management
Chief Financial Officers and other Finance Professionals continue to face challenges, both from outside forces like regulators and auditors and inside forces throughout the organization.
Accelerating the Financial Close Can Fix Other Problems
What does the efficiency of your company’s financial close process say about the health of your company?  Some experts claim that having a long financial close process can be a symptom of other underlying problems.
Leveraging Analytics to Improve Enterprise Performance Management
The key to operating a thriving enterprise is continuously managing performance.
Building a Better Budget with the Help of Rolling Forecasts
Budgeting is a concept constantly riddling the minds of CFOs. How can a company build a better and more efficient budgeting approach that will maintain accuracy, while improving agility?
Beware of the Lowest-Cost EPM Solution
By all indicators, the adoption of cloud-based financial and EPM applications is accelerating.  One of the key advantages of cloud-based solutions vs. on-premises alternatives is the lower up-front costs and lower on-going costs of ownership.
6 Tips to Improve the Accuracy and Efficiency of Sales Planning
Sales planning is critical to businesses, but in order to achieve optimal efficiency, businesses need to take a new approach.
Using What-If Scenarios in Financial and Operational Modeling
Financial and operational modeling can be used to visualize a variety of business scenarios, based on different business drivers.  This allows companies to gain deeper insights into the ways each decision will affect their businesses.
How the New Revenue Recognition Rules Could Impact Budgeting and Planning
There’s been a lot of buzz in the accounting and finance community recently about the upcoming change in revenue recognition guidelines from the FASB and IASB.
Leverage the Cloud to Ease the Pain of 2017 Budgeting
CFOs are constantly living in the future. While 2016 isn't even half way through, CFOs and financial teams already have their sights set on the year ahead.
The Wisdom of Crowds Meets Enterprise Planning
Summer 2016 is in full swing and things are looking sunny for Host Analytics. Sorry, excuse the perpetual sunny disposition of a communications professional.  But seriously, the company has performed extremely well in recent industry analyst reports from influential firms such as Nucleus Research
How the Cloud Is Used in the Financial Sector to Drive Efficiency
Businesses have been adopting cloud computing as a way to improve efficiency and reduce the cost of software management.
The Federal Budget Challenge:  The Elephant No One is Talking About
The 2016 presidential campaigns have captured a lot of media and public attention over the past year. But there’s a huge elephant in the room that no one is talking about – the federal budget deficit.
Tear Down This Wall:  Finance as a Business Partner
The clear mandate for Finance in the coming years is to be a strategic partner to the entire business -  not just a number-crunching function.  But breaking down the “walls” or silos presents many challenges and opportunities for improvement.
Unlocking the Secrets to Finance Transformation
The Finance lifecycle is a complicated one, and CFOs are often in search of ways to simplify the process while maintaining, or even improving accuracy.
Dreading the Next Budgeting Cycle? Try These Tips to Make Life Easier
Budgeting is perhaps the most dreaded aspect of operating a business.  Between the painstaking process of developing the budget, the wrangling over monetary allocation, and the challenges of accurately projecting future revenues and costs, budgeting is a tedious and consuming process that many businesses find exacerbating.
The Need for ERP Systems Integration and How EPM Software Can Help
At some point, most small and mid-sized companies outgrow their Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software and need to implement a new solution that's more scalable and will meet their growing needs.
Practical Budgeting Advice:  Put Your Money Where Your Strategy Is
The budgeting cycle for 2017 is fast-approaching.  What types of goals will your organization have for 2017?  Revenue growth?  Cost reduction?  Both?
Role Model for the CFO as Strategic Advisor and Better Business Partner
For many years the industry has been talking about the evolving role of the CFO from back-office scorekeeper to strategic advisor and business partner
Eliminating Drudgery and Embracing the Future of Finance
Over the past few years, many articles have been written in the media, and in this blog, about the evolving role of the CFO and the Finance organization from back-office scorekeeper to strategic advisor and business partner.
What Does the FP&A Function of the Future Look Like?
The role of finance is evolving quickly, and many organizations are investing heavily in the FP&A function to gain more strategic focus within finance and to extend their reach across the enterprise.
Dollars and Sense:  Finance as a Business Partner
As we’ve seen in the evolution of Finance and the CFO’s role, strategy and planning have enhanced the traditional back-office support provided by the Finance department.  But beyond Finance, there remains ample opportunity for CFOs and their teams to better partner with sales, marketing, and other key business areas.
Host Analytics Modeling Empowers HEAT Software to Focus on Analysis
HEAT Software is a Cloud Service Management (CSM) and Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) software company that supports a variety of core enterprise functions to improve the efficiency of business processes.
Gartner Splits the Magic Quadrant for CPM Suites
Corporate performance management (CPM) has been an established market and an important topic at Gartner and for its clients since 2001.
Improving M&A Success and Increasing Value with EPM – Part 2
Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) are a common tool used by companies to position themselves to take advantage of market conditions, realign assets, or manage financial obligations.
Streamline Quarter-End Reporting with a Cloud-Based EPM Platform
According to a survey conducted by Host Analytics, financial reporting is listed in the top three largest priorities of enterprises.
Using EPM and ERP to Improve Business Performance
As a business grows, it becomes increasingly challenging to manage the finances and business processes, particularly if you're relying on outdated systems like spreadsheets.
Improving M&A Success and Increasing Value with EPM – Part 1
Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) are a common tool used by companies to position themselves to take advantage of market conditions, realign assets, or manage financial obligations.
It’s a Wrap – Host Analytics World 2016
17,500 steps a day, four days packed with keynote speakers, breakout sessions, modeling workshops and fun evening events. Host Analytics World 2016 is over and I can breathe a sigh of relief – we did it!
How Cloud-Based EPM Software Helps Manufacturers Navigate Change
The manufacturing industry is fiercely competitive, as it composes a vital part of the global economy.
Expert Interview: Anne Moxie of Nucleus Research on Cloud-Based CPM
Anne Moxie, Senior Analyst at Nucleus Research, conducts research and produces thought leadership in analytics, data management, and IoT authoring numerous case studies that assess operational value and best practices.
On-Premises Versus Cloud-Based EPM Software: Which Is Right for You?
You've decided that spreadsheets are no longer sufficient for budgeting and forecasting, and you've gone off in search of a better method.
Host Analytics World 2016: Everything We Learned
For three days at Host Analytics World 2016, over 800 customers and partners gathered at San Francisco's Marriott Marquis hotel to discuss ways to navigate change. The timing couldn't be better.
Host Analytics World 2016: How to Be a Finance Rockstar
Day 3 of Host Analytics World 2016 kicked off with another round of inspiration, this time from the men and women who live the finance rockstar life.
Host Analytics World 2016: Day 2 Recap
Day 2 of Host Analytics World 2016 started with 800 attendees eager to hear Super Bowl MVP Steve Young's lessons from the gridiron. They weren't disappointed.
Host Analytics World 2016 Keynote: Steve Young’s Lessons From the Gridiron
Day 2 of Host Analytics World 2016 kicked off with an inspiring keynote speech by former NFL quarterback and Super Bowl MVP Steve Young
Host Analytics World 2016: Day 1 Recap
Day 1 of Host Analytics World 2016 started off and ended strong with lots of product news, industry expert perspectives as well as insights from senior finance executives.
Host Analytics World 2016: Leading a Finance Rockstar Organization
One of the more interesting Day 1 sessions at Host Analytics World 2016 was a panel discussion titled "How to Lead the Finance Rockstar Organizations of Tomorrow."
Host Analytics World 2016 Keynote: Navigating to Succeed
CEO Dave Kellogg kicked off Host Analytics World 2016 earlier this morning at a packed ballroom at the Marriott Marquis hotel in downtown San Francisco. Over 800 people attended this year, showing up to hear about navigating change at a time of maximum chaos.
Host Analytics Powers the Evolution of Finance with Spring16 Release
Well, Spring is finally here and so is Host Analytics World.  And with that comes our second feature release of 2016 – our Spring16 release! 
Finding New Growth in Your Business: How Cloud-Based EPM Can Help
Springtime is here.  Growth is everywhere – but is your company growing?  Growing a start-up company has many challenges.  Driving new growth in an established business can be equally as challenging.
Planning and Forecasting in an Uncertain Economy – How to Stay Agile
Well, 2016 got off to a rough start with the stock market drop in January.  But the market has rebounded, and so have oil prices.  So what should you expect and plan for in Q2 - Q4? How do you adapt to changing economic conditions?
How Businesses Can Shorten the Financial Close and Maintain Accuracy
Many businesses feel the burden of elongated period-end closing and reporting cycles.
Host Analytics and Qlik:  Why Leaders Work Together
Host Analytics recently announced a strategic partnership with Qlik Technologies, a leader in visual analytics.  This is exciting news that will bring benefits to customers, partners and employees of both companies.
7 Factors That Influence the Success of Rolling Forecasts
Remember the baseball great Yogi Berra?  One of my favorite Yogi quotes is "It's hard making predictions - especially about the future."  This is especially true in today's market.
Leveraging Cloud-Based EPM to Support Rapid Growth at iCIMS
iCIMS is a cloud-based recruiting software company that's dedicated to helping companies source the best talent available.
EPM in the Cloud:  Why Multi-Tenant Cloud Applications Matter
In 2015, the IT industry appeared to reach the tipping point in the transition from on-premises to cloud-based applications. Following years of rapid cloud-based application adoption in sales, marketing, human resources, and even finance got on the bandwagon in 2015.
What is Zero-Based Budgeting and Is It Right for Your Business?
There are a variety of different budgeting techniques that businesses can utilize to allocate capital across departments.
Increase Employee Retention with Cloud-Based EPM Software
Many finance professionals report that they find their work to be tedious, repetitive, and mundane, which can lead to employees feeling distanced from their work.
Don’t Get Fooled Again When Moving from Excel to EPM Software
Well, it was a long wait, but recently, I finally got to see the legendary rock band The Who on their 50th anniversary tour at Madison Square Garden in New York City. 
Finance Transformation versus Modernization – Part 2
In part two of this series, I continue the discussion of finance transformation and modernization by taking a closer look at the avenues and resources available for charting the path forward.
Is Your Annual Budget Obsolete?  Try Rolling Forecasts to Stay Ahead
Well, the first quarter of 2016 is behind us.  Is your 2016 annual budget already obsolete?  Probably - and why? Because "stuff happens" and conditions can change quickly in business. That makes it nearly impossible to accurately predict revenues and costs quarters, or even months in advance.
5 Key Transformation Initiatives to Move Finance Forward
The business environment for 2016 is a challenging one for many companies and their Finance departments.
Get Your Nights and Weekends Back – Streamline Quarterly Reporting
Well, it’s that time again.  Time for the quarter end close and reporting process.  How’s the process working for you?  Is it quick and painless?  Or is it stressful, consuming more Finance time and resources than you’d like to spend? 
Building a High-Performance Finance Team
To be effective in today’s challenging business environment requires a high-performance Finance team.  And that’s easier said than done in today’s very competitive hiring environment.
2016 CFO Virtual Event: Managing the Modern Finance Organization
A recent virtual event, put together by Argyle Executive Forum partnered with Host Analytics, focused on the pressure on Finance organizations to fuel steady growth in a demanding and difficult environment.
Modern Finance Part 3:  The State of FP&A
As the emergence of digital continues to flood the marketplace with new business data, organizations are evaluating the endless array of tools to help manage, understand, and leverage this data to drive more measurable results.
The Top Traits to Seek in an Enterprise Performance Management Suite
Choosing the best EPM software for your businesses may seem like a daunting endeavor, given the innumerable software options available on the market.
4 Ways Multi-Dimensional Technology Enhances EPM 
For accurate and agile budgeting, forecasting, modeling, and reporting, enterprises need to think outside of Excel’s limited dimensional framework and move toward cloud technology that can truly handle multi-dimensional views.
What’s the Deal with Finance Transformation versus Modernization?
Transformation – it’s a term that has been used for many years to describe any changes being adopted in businesses to make them more effective and efficient.
Improving the Budgeting, Planning and Forecasting Process
Budgeting, planning and forecasting is a challenging ordeal. For large, dynamic enterprises, it can be incredibly difficult to accurately forecast and allocate budgets across departments.
Host Analytics Named a Leader in CPM by Nucleus Research
How do customers get the most value from performance management applications?  What capabilities are most important to buyers?  Which vendors are delivering against these customer requirements? 
Modern Finance Part 2 – Partner to the Business
As the role of the CFO has transformed in recent years, so too have the relationships between finance and other lines of the business — particularly marketing and human resources.
Luck of the Irish or Effective Enterprise Risk Management?
Happy St. Patrick's Day!  In Irish folklore, a leprechaun is a type of fairy usually depicted as a little bearded man, wearing a coat and hat, who partakes in mischief.
Using the Cloud to Enhance Modeling and Forecasting
In order for businesses to create detailed, accurate financial forecasts, the forecasts need to be based on current and fully integrated financial and operational data.
Attracting and Retaining Top Finance Talent
In today’s fast-changing and competitive market, it’s important for Finance teams to attract and retain the best talent possible in order to stay agile while managing costs.
Improve Your Financial Reporting and Closing Processes in 2016
As your business brings its 2015 financial reporting to a close, you've likely identified a number of inefficiencies that could be improved in the coming year.
Modern Finance Part 1: The CFO’s New Growth Agenda
The role of the Chief Financial Officer and its recent evolution has been a topic of fascination within the business community for years now.
Busting the 6 Top Performance Management and EPM Software Myths
There are a lot of myths surrounding EPM software and performance management, which inevitably results in uncertainty among businesspeople and inaccurate information when finding a vendor.
What’s New and What’s Coming in the Cloud-Based EPM Market
In January of this year, Host Analytics announced the arrival of its new Chief Marketing Officer (CMO), Ben Plummer.  Ben has an extensive background in the IT industry, having started his career as a software engineer in the Navy, then moving into Sales, Operations, and Marketing roles in the IT industry.
EPM Rock Stars Getting Ready to Meet at Host Analytics World 2016
In less than 66 days, #HAWORLD kicks off in San Francisco on May 9, 2016. Host Analytics World in San Francisco delivers more than 60 sessions, workshops and more than 50 speakers over three full conference days.
6 Tips to Prepare for Your Annual Year-End Audit
By now your company has likely begun its year-end audit. While no business is excited for year-end auits, there are lots of ways to lessen the burden and ensure that the audit runs smoothly.
Migrating Oracle Hyperion EPM Applications to the Cloud
Accounting and Finance is well on its way to moving away from on-premises software to cloud-based ERP and enterprise performance management (EPM) solutions.
Host Analytics Winter ’16:  Improving User Experience and Productivity
In February Host Analytics delivered our first feature release of 2016 – our Winter '16 release!  Punxsutawney Phil didn’t see his shadow on Groundhog Day, so we can expect an early spring.
Why CFOs Must Learn to Embrace Integrated Financial Planning Now
Integrated financial planning provides businesses with a way to plan for the future, incorporate all business variables into budgeting, and create flexible plans that adapt to business growth.
Advice for CFOs on Managing High Growth
As the role of the CFO shifts from core accounting responsibilities to more strategic initiatives, one of the emerging areas of focus is helping organizations to drive revenue growth.
Static Budgets vs. Rolling Forecasts: Which Is Right for You?
Static budgets and rolling forecasts are two drastically different approaches to achieving a similar goal - predicting the future finances of a business.
Make Your Company More Effective with Finance and Operations Alignment
How well aligned are Finance and Operations in your organization?  If your company is like many others, the answer is probably - "not so much."
Fake vs. Real Cloud:  Why it Matters
Have we reached the tipping point for cloud-based applications in Finance?  It sure feels like it.
Expert Interview: Gary Cokins on the Problems Solved by Effective EPM
Gary Cokins, founder and president of Analytics-Based Performance Management LLC, has 40 years of experience with enterprise performance management (EPM).
The Limitations of Excel for Corporate Planning and Budgeting
Microsoft Excel is pervasive in the business world, and it has always been particularly popular among financial planners.
How CFOs Can Become a Strategic Advisor to their CEO
As a CFO, are you looking to "sharpen your axe" in 2016 and become a more strategic advisor to your CEO?
Oracle Audits? The Real Story Is Oracle’s Fake Cloud!
Oracle’s use of software audits to drive revenue are well-documented. These audits are, after all, an important way to ensure customers comply with your software agreement.
Expert Interview: Seth Fineberg on Simplifying Accounting and Finance
Professional accountants or CPAs looking for practical information and tools for streamlining their tax and accounting functions should probably bookmark AccountingWEB, where they'll find news and advice from top industry professionals.
10 Tips to Improve Rolling Forecasts
To thrive as a business, you need to be able to predict your future earnings and expenses, so you can make smarter business decisions.
Why More Businesses are Opting for Cloud-Based Reporting Solutions
The cloud has become increasingly popular among businesses to serve a variety of functions.
EPM in the Cloud – Simply the Best
Remember Tina Turner’s comeback in the 1980s?  She looked great, she sounded great, she was great - and she charted a number of big hits in her comeback album Private Dancer
How High-Growth Biotech Companies Rely on Cloud-Based EPM Software
Modern civilization relies on biotechnology to develop medicine, products, agricultural advancements, and other key innovations that support the health and progress of human populations.
How Druva Benefits from Flexible Modeling in the Cloud
Accurate financial modeling is a difficult endeavor, and yet it remains imperative to the financial budgeting and planning of businesses.
What are the Benefits of Rolling Forecasts?
Financial budgeting is the process of allocating resources based on projected sales, headcount, capital and operating expenses, in order to achieve financial objectives.
The Habits of Highly Effective CFOs
Happy 2016!  As we move into the New Year, CFOs might be thinking about how they can be more effective in their roles.  Alternatively, up-and-coming Finance executives might be wondering what it takes to become a CFO.  
Creating Adaptable Budgets for Dynamic Businesses
In a recent webinar entitled "The CFO Playbook on Budgeting: How to Keep Budgets Effective," Roger Howell, the Principal of PwC, and Brian Blanton, the Director of the Hackett Group, discussed the ways in which CFO's can manage budgets and strive to keep budget plans accurate and effective.
Relieving the Pain of Year-End Close and Reporting
How’s the 2015 year-end closing going?  Many of you may still be in the throes of year-end close and reporting.
5 New Year’s Resolutions for Your Finance Organization
You blinked.  2015 came to a close, and 2016 is already in full swing.  Another year has passed, another just beginning.  What do we typically do?  Make resolutions, right?
Unify Finance and Operations with Cloud-Based EPM Software
Many businesses experience a disconnect between their Finance and operations teams, which makes financial management and planning challenging.
4 EPM Essentials for Fast-Growing Companies
Is your company outgrowing the capabilities of your current budgeting, planning, and financial reporting tools?  If you answered yes, you’re not alone.
Building the Business Case for Cloud-Based Budgeting
Has your organization outgrown its spreadsheet-based system for budgeting and planning?
The IAFF Reduces Budgeting Fire Drills with Cloud-Based EPM Software
The International Association of Firefighters (IAFF) provides innumerable services to firefighters and paramedics throughout the U.S. and Canada.
How to Leverage EPM Software to Improve Revenue Planning
What is the primary goal of EPM software? Sure, it streamlines your planning processes and makes the financial close way easier.
4 Ways EPM Software Can Help the CFO Manage Time Wisely
What does it take for today's CFO to manage their time wisely?
Host Analytics Employees Take on a New Mission
Is the stress of the holidays or getting ready for year-end 2015 getting you down? While it is a busy time of the year for us, both personally and in business, it’s also a good time to think about those who are less fortunate and who need our help.
Make Your Year-End Reporting Faster, Easier, and Less Stressful
Are your stress levels building?  That's understandable as there are only a couple of weeks left in the year.
In the World of Big Data the Team With the Best Insights Wins
It’s nearly 2020 – what’s your enterprise data strategy?
How the CFO Can Effectively Work with Boards
One of the key roles of the CFO is working with the CEO to support the company’s board of directors – but not all boards are created equal.
Secrets to Improving Finance Forecasting Agility
Even in the age of software, automation, and cloud computing, there are still far too many businesses, public agencies, and nonprofit organizations that depend on spreadsheets and outdated legacy applications for their forecasting, planning, reporting, and analytical needs.
Don’t Get Stuck on the Island of Misfit EPM Products
As we move into the holiday season, it’s great to see all of those old Christmas shows on TV that you used to watch as a child.
EPM and Revenue Planning: Modern Budgeting for Modern Businesses
If revenue planning is difficult, inefficient, time-consuming, and often inaccurate, then enterprise performance management (EPM) software is for you.
Host Analytics Fall ‘15 Release Improves Finance Productivity
As the end of calendar year 2015 approaches, what Finance department isn’t thinking about how to improve team productivity? With that goal in mind, Host Analytics recently delivered the Fall ‘15 Release of our Cloud EPM Suite.
How Finance Can Help Drive Company Growth
For a company seeking new ways to maximize revenue and establish predictable revenue streams, the Finance team would seem the best place to go for guidance.
5 Helpful Hints to Improve Your CapEx Planning Using EPM Software
Capital depreciation expenses are among the most favorable deductions come tax time.
Building the Business Case for Cloud-Based Reporting
Have you “hit the wall” in using spreadsheets for financial consolidation and reporting? Are you ready to make the move to a cloud-based EPM solution that can help you spend more time on value-added analysis and less time on drudgery?
The 4 Top Budgeting & Planning Issues Facing CFOs in 2016
As you prepare for year-end close and try to figure out what to bring to the office Dirty Santa gift swap, what do you need to be preparing for to stay ahead of the game next year?
What’s New in Cyber Security?
One of the hottest topics in Finance in 2015 is data security.  In fact, in a recent survey by Protiviti and FERF, cyber security ranked as one of the top 5 priorities for Finance executives, along with margins/earnings performance, strategic planning, periodic forecasting, and budgeting.
Finance and Accounting in the Digital Age
Change is inexorable, inevitable and guaranteed. Change is not something people like, though. And for those who like their change in nice, neat, bite-sized doses, the changes impacting finance and accounting today are particular disconcerting.
Full-Function EPM in the Cloud:  Too Good to be True – or Not?
Some things that you hear, in life and business, are too good to be true – body-toning sneakers, weight-reducing skin cream, pain-reducing bracelets, and many other products.
Operations’ Case for Moving to a Cloud-Based Accounting System
In this third of a 3-part series, we examine an operation manager's story about how he recognized a business need, built a business case and modernized the way his company handles procurement.
Three Views of Financial Transformation
Every business has different needs, challenges, and situations to address with financial software.
Are You Ready to Move Beyond Budgeting?
One of the highlights of Host Analytics’ 2015 Future of Finance Tour was a guest keynote delivered by Steve Player, North American Director of the Beyond Budgeting Roundtable.
The Future of Finance – Feedback from the Road
For the last three months, I have crisscrossed the US participating in the Host Analytics Future of Finance Tour. It was a great time meeting and engaging groups of companies pushing Finance to new heights.
Why Finance Departments Fail to Become Strategic
Most Finance departments want to play a more strategic role in their organizations.  And in many organizations, upper management wants the Finance department to step up and lead in terms of strategy.
5 Ways EPM Software Can Streamline Workforce Planning
Does your finance department have trouble reconciling the actuals versus the projected salaries and benefits of your employees?
Realizing ROI with Enterprise Performance Management
Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) is a process designed to help organizations link strategy to plans and execution. The main objective is to maximize performance and increase shareholder value.
How Finance Can Be a Better Business Partner
I’ve been involved in the EPM market for almost 20 years now, and it seems like we’ve been talking about the “changing role of the CFO” or the “transformation of Finance” for just about the entire time.
The CFO’s Case for Moving to a Cloud-Based Accounting System
Are your accounting systems no longer meeting your needs and are expensive to maintain? Are you intrigued by cloud applications, but don’t know where to begin?
Back From the Brink:  How CFOs Contribute to a Turnaround
The October 2015 CFO Leadership Council event in New York City featured a panel discussion titled “Back from the Brink:  How CFOs Contribute to a Turnaround.
Host Analytics Frees Acciona Energy From Labor-Intensive Spreadsheets
Acciona Energy is a subsidiary of a larger organization, called Acciona, which is based in Spain.
Spreadsheet Budgeting Karaoke
I recently had the pleasure of attending Karaoke night at Bub City, a bar in Chicago, after the Host Analytics Future of Finance event there.  I hadn’t been there before, but the place was packed after the Chicago Cubs had won the NLDS.
How AmeriPride Reduced Their Dependence on IT With Host Analytics
AmeriPride Services is a uniform, garment, and linen supply company based in Minnetonka, Minnesota.
What’s Brewing at Peet’s Coffee? Finance Transformation in FP&A!
What does it take to transition a small but growing publically-traded business into a rapidly growing privately-held business?
5 Reasons to Move off of Excel for Financial Close and Consolidation
For the small business, Excel is a fantastic tool. It allows for a reasonable amount of reporting, budgeting, analysis, forecasting, etc., is inexpensive, and is widely understood within the finance industry.
The CIO’S Case For Moving to a Cloud-Based Accounting System
Are your accounting systems no longer meeting your needs and are expensive to maintain? Are you intrigued by cloud applications, but don't know where to begin?
EarthLink Avoids Software Upgrade Charges by Choosing Host Analytics
EarthLink vice president of finance, Patty Freeman, recently sat down to discuss why they chose Host Analytics.
What EPM and NFL Football Have in Common – Part II
In Part I of this series, I highlighted why performance management in NFL football is a lot like EPM in business.
What Role Should the CFO Play in Data Security?
For most people, the topic of data security would seem like something of primary interest to the CIO of an organization, right?  But increasingly, the topic of data security is being added to the agenda of the CFO, and for good reasons.
Insurance Company Takes on Global Budgeting & Planning With the Cloud
The Warranty Group is a $2 billion business with 1,800 employees that provides consumers around the world with extended product warranties and other insurance products.
What EPM and NFL Football Have in Common – Part I
While watching the first few weeks of the National Football League* (NFL), I had an epiphany.  The techniques used in a football game are very similar to what a company does with enterprise performance management (EPM) throughout the fiscal year. 
Leveraging EPM in the Life Sciences Industry
Life Sciences is a dynamic, fast-changing market that provides both opportunities and challenges for Pharmaceutical manufacturers, Biotech companies, and Medical Device manufacturers.
Leveraging EPM to Prepare for a Liquidity Event
I recently attended the CFO Leadership Council’s NYC chapter event, which included a panel discussion on the topic of “Preparing for a Liquidity Event.”
How to Gain Adoption of Your EPM Solution Beyond Finance
There are countless articles, how-to guides, whitepapers, and research papers attempting to explain how to achieve universal buy-in of a new software solution.
5 Tips for Effective EPM Software Vendor Selection
Selecting a technology vendor can be a complicated and emotional journey.
5 EPM Best Practices to Implement Right Now
There are two kinds of businesses: those that are growing, adapting, and moving forward and those that are losing ground.
Uniting Finance and Operations at Time Warner Cable
Time Warner Cable (TWC) is the second largest telecommunications company in the U.S. In addition to their headquarters in Manhattan, TWC operates corporate offices in Stamford, Connecticut; Charlotte, North Carolina; and Herndon, Virginia.
Management Accounting – Helping Accountants Grow the Beans
Managers are increasingly shifting from reacting to after-the-fact reported outcomes to anticipating the future with predictive analysis and proactively making adjustments with better decisions.
Looking for Cloud-Based EPM? You Better Shop Around
As Finance executives in mid-sized and larger enterprises look to replace their current on-premises EPM applications, they are often are too quick to consider only the cloud-based EPM solutions offered by their current ERP or EPM vendors.
5 Ways Cloud-Based EPM is Altering the Landscape of the Business World
Cloud-Based Enterprise Performance Management, or EPM, is changing the entire world of business.
Are You Ready for the Future of Finance?
This year Host Analytics has been promoting the “Future of Finance” theme through this blog, our annual user conference, and now in our 2015 roadshow events. 
Selecting a Scalable, High-Performance EPM System
Many organizations are realizing that they’ve outgrown spreadsheets and legacy EPM applications and are evaluating cloud-based EPM solutions as a replacement. 
A Visible Executive Sponsor – Critical for a Successful EPM Project
A lot of business books, blogs, articles, and whitepapers talk about 'visible executive sponsorship' and how important it is when making a big move like selecting EPM software.
Enterprise Performance Management vs. Enterprise Resource Planning
It takes a lot of software to manage the operations of an enterprise, and two of the most useful and utilized are Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP).
The Evolving Role of the CFO
While it seems like the industry has been talking about the “evolving role of the CFO’ forever, there is always a new twist or area of focus to consider. 
How a Hyperion Leader Became a Cloud Convert
Forbes recently interviewed Jon Temple, former EVP of WorldWide Field Operations at Hyperion, current CEO of HEAT Software, and Host Analytics board member.
How to Decide: EPM Cloud Platform Versus On-Premises Solutions
When shoppers are in the market for EPM (Enterprise Performance Management software), they often wonder what the pros and cons are when choosing between on-premises software and cloud-based solutions.
What’s the Buzz about the Future of Finance ?
There’s been a lot of industry buzz recently about how organizations are increasingly embracing the cloud as the modern way to deploy EPM and other Finance software applications. 
Host Analytics Summer ’15 – Improved Performance and Chrome Support
Host Analytics is pleased to announce the Summer ‘15 Release of our Cloud EPM Suite! 
Why Companies Get Stuck with Hyperion and Finding A Replacement
My last post, “Top Reasons Companies Get Stuck With Oracle Hyperion,” had a high level of interest, and I promised to share reasons four through six of why current Oracle Hyperion users who are evaluating other options—and get stuck—with Oracle Hyperion.
The Right EPM Software Can Result in Increased User Engagement
Are you holding on to older legacy systems, trying to save a few bucks? In the long run, this could cost you far more than the price of a new enterprise performance management (EPM) system.
Host Analytics Modeling Simplifies Planning and Reporting
Following the successful launch and rapid customer adoption of Host Analytics Modeling Cloud, the IT industry analyst community continues to sing the praises of this new solution. 
Cloud Delivers 1.7 Times More ROI Than On-Premises Applications
The adoption of cloud-based EPM solutions is clearly accelerating in the market. 
Why Leaving Excel Behind Leads to Improved EPM
For decades, many companies have relied on Excel spreadsheets to support enterprise performance management (EPM) processes.
The Future of Finance Tour – Coming to a City Near You
The Host Analytics Future of Finance Roadshow got off to a great start in San Francisco on August 12th. 
Keeping Customer Data Secure: Are You Doing Your Part?
Security is no longer a side note: it is the primary concern of all businesses that hold their customers' data.
Services and Training – Creating Customers for Life
In the enterprise software industry, customer success requires much more than just a software solution with requisite features and functions. 
Assessing Critical Capabilities in EPM/CPM
As part of its ongoing EPM/CPM market research, Gartner recently published its 2015 report, “Critical Capabilities for Corporate Performance Management Suites.”
5 Planning and Forecasting Tips You Can Use Today
Annual budgeting and reliance on spreadsheets are no longer viable options for flexible, agile companies that are able to adapt quickly and respond to changes in the industry, economy, or the business.
Identifying Leading KPIs for Finance
Metrics and key performance indicators (KPIs) are an important component of enterprise performance management (EPM).  They help executives and management understand how the business is performing against its goals to help drive decision-making.
Taking Enterprise Performance Management to the Next Level
What do you expect to get out of enterprise performance management (EPM)? Do you need to analyze the use of critical resources across your organization? 
Data Integration and Analysis: The Foundation of Quality EPM Software
Are you looking for a way to improve your analytic capabilities EPM software is a valuable analytic tool, but in order for it to offer any intelligence and insight, the software needs key capabilities.
Understanding Analytics-Based Enterprise Performance Management
Though talk of Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) abounds, full understanding of the concept has not yet been achieved.
Modeling is the Belle of the EPM Ball
Timing is everything.  According to a several leading indicators, market demand for modeling capabilities in enterprise performance management (EPM) has started to accelerate. 
Scaling Up: Leverage the Power of the Cloud for EPM
What are the advantages of a cloud-based performance management solution? One word: scalability.
Cloud-Based EPM – The Time Has Come
The time for cloud-based enterprise performance management (EPM) has arrived.  After over 10 years of incubation, the year 2015 may be remembered as the “tipping point” in the adoption of cloud-based EPM solutions for Finance and Operations.
Social, Mobile, Analytics, and the Cloud: Innovation in EPM
Enterprise performance management monitors performance throughout the enterprise, integrating and analyzing data from multiple sources toward the goal of better business performance.
Beyond Budgeting – Are You Ready?
Many organizations are dissatisfied with their annual budgeting process.  Many even dread it.  Yet most organizations continue to support the annual ritual. 
The Future of Finance is Coming to a City Near You!
After a hugely successful Host Analytics World, we are hitting the road from August to November, with a multi-stop roadshow tour across the country.
Accounting – The Darkest Time is Just Before Dawn
I will substantially oversimplify the history of accounting mainly for the purpose to provide perspective for the new era that is now emerging.
Don’t Outgrow Your EPM Solution
Enterprise performance management (EPM) isn’t new.  It’s been around for many years. What’s critical, though, is how your EPM software grows with your business.
Don’t be Fooled by “Fake” Cloud Finance Systems
The cloud is a hot topic and trend today for finance and accounting. Everyone is claiming a 'cloud' offering, but not all clouds are the same. Here's how to distinguish a 'true' cloud from a 'fake cloud'.
Ready to Move Your Financial Consolidations to the Cloud? | Host Analytics
Is consolidating and reporting your financial results a challenge?  Do you spend countless hours correcting your P&L, balance sheet, and cash flow statements?
Making More Intelligent Use of Excel
We all use Microsoft Excel.  It’s popular for a reason, right?  It’s great for personal productivity.  It wasn’t, however, designed to support corporate processes such as financial reporting, budgeting, planning, and forecasting.
Worried About Financial Data Security? Better Get to The Cloud!
Following the strong adoption of cloud-based solutions for CRM and HCM, we’re approaching the “tipping point” in the adoption of SaaS applications for finance. 
The Transformational CFO
Argyle Executive Forum recently surveyed finance executives in their membership about the role of Finance and how it’s evolving. 
It’s a Wrap! Host Analytics World 2015
After all the months of preparation and growing excitement, it's hard to believe that Host Analytics World 2015 is over.
EPM and the Role of the CFO in Private Equity
I recently attended an FEI New York City Chapter meeting that included a panel discussion on the topic of “Private Equity & Portfolio Companies:  Finding Success.”
Host Analytics World – The Future of Finance Day 3 Recap
Host Analytics World 2015 wrapped up with a half day of sessions on Thursday, May 21st in San Francisco.   
Host Analytics World – The Future of Finance Day 2 Recap
Host Analytics World 2015 continued to build momentum on Wednesday, May 20th in San Francisco.  
Host Analytics World – The Future of Finance Gets Started
Host Analytics World 2015 got off to a great start on Tuesday, May 19th in San Francisco.  With over 700 attendees and 12 partner sponsors, this is the largest Host Analytics user conference to date.  
If You Fail, We Fail: Onboarding in the Cloud
Onboarding customers, ensuring their success, and driving long-term satisfaction are mission critical in the world of cloud-based software solutions.  For us, that means ensuring all of our customer-facing roles understand our customers’ definitions of success.
Top 3 Reasons Finance Users Get Stuck With Oracle Hyperion | Host Analytics
In a recent blog post I summarized findings from independent research that detailed why Oracle Hyperion users feel trapped.
The 4 Perfect Days for Finance Professionals at Host Analytics World
If you are a finance professional attending Host Analytics World, we have a fantastic experience planned for you.  Whether it is your first, second, or third time, we have put together an exciting line-up of events and sessions that will help you stay on top of the industry innovations and help you get the most…
The Vanguard and the Canary: The Role of Training in the SaaS World
To take a pulse, to get a feel, to look for early signs of churn, renewal, and upsell – whatever it is, Subscription Business Customer Success organizations continuously seek meaningful ways to regularly interact with customers.
Letting Go of the Past – Embracing the Future With Cloud-Based EPM
The 1990s called.  They want their EPM system back.
4 Secrets of KPIs and Corporate Performance Management
The April 2015 CFO Leadership Council event in New York City featured a panel discussion on “KPIs and Corporate Performance Management.”  
The Shift to Predictive Accounting
There is a widening gap between what the CFO and accountants report and what internal managers and employee teams want and need. This does not mean that information produced by the accountants is of little value.
Forecasting vs. Projections
When you refer to a forward-looking financial expectation, do you call it a forecast or a projection?
EPM – CPM – BPM: What’s in a Name?
Since its launch more than 10 years ago, the concept of managing performance in organizations has had a variety of labels applied to it.These are the most popular variations:
Integrating Finance and Operations
Meeting the Needs of Operations Analysts Business modeling is considered an essential element of the planning process within EPM. Modeling sheds light on the causes, not just the effects, of changes in variables that impact business performance.
Aligning Finance and Operations with Host Analytics Modeling Cloud
An Interview with Janette Kosior On April 7, 2015, Host Analytics announced a new addition to our Cloud EPM Suite – Host Analytics Modeling Cloud. I sat down with Janette Kosior, Director of Product Marketing at Host Analytics, to get her take on how the new Modeling Cloud module impacts our customers.
The Cloud is Now: Thoughts on the Gartner Magic Quadrant for CPM Suites
It’s Magic Quadrant season again. Gartner just published the Magic Quadrant for CPM Suites 2015.
What Is Financial Forecasting and Budgeting?
Financial forecasting and budgeting are business planning processes that are essential to the operation of any organization. People sometimes confuse the two or use the terms interchangeably. Both are used to establish a plan for where management wants to take the company, all while making sure it is heading in the right direction. Moreover, budgeting…
EPM or ERP – Which to Implement First?
Finance organizations in growing enterprises often reach a point where they need to upgrade or replace both their ERP and EPM software systems. Here, they face the dilemma of deciding which to upgrade or replace first – ERP or EPM? This dilemma occurs in one of two scenarios:
5 Steps to Agile Finance
January through March can be a stressful time for Finance executives and professionals. With the year-end close, regulatory filings, audits, and tax work, there are constant deadlines and limited time to spend on new initiatives.
The Role of Cloud-based EPM in M&As
At a recent CFO Leadership Council event that Host Analytics sponsored in New York City, an interesting panel discussion was held on the topic of “Post M&A Integration.”
Hybrid EPM: Accelerating Delivery of New EPM Applications
Does this scenario sound familiar? Your division of a large enterprise has outgrown Excel spreadsheets and is in dire need of a more robust solution for budgeting, planning, forecasting and financial reporting.
Oracle Hyperion Users Feel Trapped. Do You?
Host Analytics recently sponsored some high-level research in our category, Enterprise Performance Management (EPM), so we could understand the effectiveness of our marketing.
What is Financial Planning and Analysis?
Financial Planning and Analysis teams are responsible for supporting their business partners in achieving optimal financial performance as reflected in metrics such as profitability, cash flow, return on capital, economic value added. Their responsibilities include the financial planning process and performing analytical decision support.